Ontarians acknowledge and support athletics as a sport important to individual and community health and fitness.


The objectives of Athletics Ontario are to:

  • Promote physical, emotional and mental well-being;
  • Promote athletics;
  • Support and assist athletes in their development;
  • Develop courses of instruction for/certification of coaches and officials; and
  • Promote and ensure competent delivery of athlete-centre recreational and competitive athletics programs in Ontario through member clubs and athletics communities.


  • Health and fitness through sports and throughout life;
  • Commitment to excellence and the highest standards of performance by athletes at all age levels;
  • Integrity, loyalty, fair play, sportsmanship, honesty, commitment, dedication, patience, mutual respect and cooperation;
  • Inclusiveness, accessibility and affordability in participation;
  • Individual development and measurable achievement encouraged by administrators, coaches, officials and staff committed to Athletics Ontario values;
  • High ethical and moral standards and practices in athletics and the governance of athletics; and
  • Prudent, transparent stewardship that demonstrates value for the investment of fiscal and human resources.

Mission Statement

Athletics Ontario’s organizational mission is to: develop, promote and ensure competent delivery of programs and competitions in athletics for the participant’s enjoyment of the sport produce highly competitive provincial, national and international athletes; and contribute to the health, fitness, social development and well-being of all participants.

Programs & Services

Athletics Ontario provides the following programs and services to support the development of members:


Programming for Athletes

1.     Sport Development Opportunities (i.e. Workshops, Club Connections, Coach Connections, etc.) for Athletic Events:

  1. Track and Field
  2. Race Walking
  3. Cross Country/ Trail or Offroad Running
  4. Road Running
  5. Para Events

2.     Provincial Team Opportunities:

  1. Espoir Teams 
  2. Canada Summer Games
  3. U13 Games (*coming in 2017)
  4. Midget Dual Meet (ON vs QB)
  5. High Performance Athlete  Programs

– Quest for Gold

Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative/ Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

3.     Athlete Training and Workshops (age group and combined):

  1. Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel Programming (6-12)
  2. Minor (U13)
  3. Bantam (13/14)
  4. Midget (14/15)
  5. Youth (16/17)
  6. Junior (18/19)
  7. Senior (>20)
  8. Masters (>30)

4.    Provincial Championships (i.e. Track and Field Indoor and Outdoor, 10,000m Track, Race Walk, Cross Country Championships, Road Racing (Marathon and 1/2 Marathon *coming in 2017)

5.    Classification – opportunities developed and coordinated with Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) to host Classifications at Championships to establish a provisional classification or renewal

6.    Club Insurance – insurance for Clubs to ensure Coaches, Athletes and Clubs are covered

7.    Club Support and Resources – monthly ‘AO Connect Call’ program, governance tools/ templates, mentoring, support, etc.

8.    News – website blog, updates and tools (toolbox and resources for Coaches, Clubs, Athletes), Facebook, Twitter, etc. to keep membership informed of current events

9.    Funding – AO connects members with funding opportunities, grants and support organizations

10.   Preferred Rates – access to preferred rates with service providers (i.e. medals and awards, clothing/ uniforms, equipment, implements, timing/ scoring, medical providers, signage, etc.)

11.   Equipment Rental – usage and rental of AO equipment to supplement a club’s inventory for meets, events or workshops

12.   Rankings and Results – updated results and rankings of AO members ongoing

13.   Ambassador Programming – support and outreach in the community to inspire youth and engage with events and activities

14.   Volunteer Program – to provide additional opportunities for retired, injured or interested athletes in the sport, AO has a Volunteer Program to connect those interested in supporting events, races, officiating, and/or committees (Competitions, Technical, Programs and Services, etc.)

15.   Awards & Hall of Fame – AO celebrates sport with an annual Gala, Awards and Hall of Fame induction evening

Certification for Coaches

1.     Training Courses – held throughout the year and on request, AO will host various Sport Coach, Club Coach and Performance Coach Training courses and Professional Development (PD) courses

2.     Certification and Evaluation Courses – to ensure the ‘certification’ status of trained coaches, AO helps to coordinate the required elements (i.e. portfolio submission, in-person evaluation at a practice/ event, etc.) with the Provinces trained personnel

3.     Coach Support – High Performance athlete’s coaches are supported through the OHPSI Program (#4 above) with funding and education opportunities to develop alongside their athletes

4.     Provincial Team Coaching – Athletics Ontario has opportunities (nominations and/or applications) for Coaches to support Provincial Team Events/ Games

5.     Policies – AO has developed Policies and Procedures for Clubs and Coaches to reference when delivering their programs

Certification for Officials

1.     Training Courses – collaborating with the Ontario Officials, AO develops workshops and training opportunities (in-person or classroom) to develop the sport and support system

2.     Mentorships – AO supports the development of advanced Officials through mentorships and event opportunities

3.     Support for Sanctioned Events – *coming 2017 – AO will help to connect Sanctioned events/ organizing clubs/ committees with registered officials via a placement process (online portal) to fulfill the roles/ duties required for their event This is something we need to think about carefully. It will open AO up to a lot of unforeseen things.

4.     High Schools – AO works with OFSAA and Ontario School Board’s to collaborate on training of both coaches and officials to ensure safety requirements are met