AO Indoor Series Meet #3 – Highlights and Results

Our final meet of the Indoor season took place this weekend, co-hosted by the Flying Angels Track Club. With more than 1,000 athletes participating, it was an incredible weekend. 

Setting ANOTHER new Indoor provincial record in Midget Boys weight throw, was Josh Linington, of Brantford Track and Field Club. His toss of 20.60m outdoes the record which he set at the Midget Dual meet last month of 20.32m! 

On the track, Aysia Maurice of 310 Running, took home gold in the Midget Girls 2000m, with a time of 6:43.56. This time not only won her the gold, but it also broke the U15 Girls AO Indoor record for the race! Congratulations Aysia! And lastly, in the U14 Boys 150m, Isaiah Luke, of the Mississauga Olympians, set a new provincial record with a time of 17.84 seconds.

On Saturday, we were honoured to have the members of the Jamaican track and field community come out to speak with our athletes and present some medals. Coaches Maurice Wilson, and Marlon Gayle and athletes Sherone Simpson and Rasheed Dwyer were in Toronto to lead athlete and coach workshops late in the week and were gracious enough to come out to our event.

Additionally, we had a special visit from Olympic bronze medalist Phylicia George. Signing autographs and sharing her Olympic wisdom, the athletes lined up to meet her, take photos, and listen to what she had to say.

Post-Event Survey:
The post-event survey will be available until March 25, and we need your feedback to be able to continue to improve our annual events.

Club Champions
The Club Championship results are in!

Overall Indoor Season

  1. University of Toronto Track Club: 281 points
  2. London Western Track and Field Club: 176.5 points
  3. Saugeen Track and Field Club: 128 points
  4. Brantford Track and Field Club: 118 points
  5. Monte Cristo Track Club: 102 points

Overall U14 Bantam

  1. London Western Track and Field Club: 62 points
  2. Monte Cristo Track Club: 53 points
  3. Bullets Track Club: 42 points
  4. University of Toronto Track Club: 32 points
  5. Toronto West Athletics: 31 points

Overall U16 Midget

  1. University of Toronto Track Club: 53 points
  2. Monte Cristo Track Club: 43 points
  3. Mississauga Olympians Track and Field Alliance: 40 points
  4. Brantford Track and Field Club: 36 points
  5. St. Thomas Legion Track and Field Club: 33.5 points

Overall U20 Junior

  1. University of Toronto Track Club: 71 points
  2. London Western Track and Field Club: 60 points
  3. London Legion Track and Field Club: 41 points
  4. Flying Angels Academy: 40 points
  5. Windsor Legion Track and Field Club: 35 points

You can find the full breakdowns of Club standings by clicking here

Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend! You can find the final results on our Results page, or by clicking here.

The gold medalists are as follows:


U14 Boys 800m Race Walk: James Wheeler, Saugeen TFC, 6:25.93
U16 Girls 1500m Race Walk: Breagha Sharpe, Athletiques International 2
U14 Girls 1200m: Clare Teron, Toronto West Athletics, 3:53.40
U14 Boys 1200m: Ben Kulchyski, University of Toronto TC, 3:50.79
U16 Girls 1200m: Abby Ylipahkala, Newmarket Huskies, 3:47.50
U16 Boys 1200m: Ethan Pentland, Meaford Coyotes, 3:16.94
U14 Girls 60m: Charlize Fraser, Bullets Track Club, 8.19s
U14 Boys 60m: Isaiah Luke, Mississauga Olympians, 7.40s
U16 Girls 60m: Izzy Goudros, Unattached Ontario, 7.69s
U16 Boys 60m: Jadon Rose, Mississauga Olympians, 7.13s
U20 Women’s 60m: Alyssa Marsh, Durham Legion Athletics, 7.64s
U20 Men’s 60m: Myles Misener-Daley, Hamilton Olympic Club, 6.91s
U20 Women’s 1500m: Maya Hannagan, Windsor Legion Track Club, 4:41.51
U20 Men’s 1500m: Evan Burke, London Western TFC, 4:01.85
U14 Girls 300m: Elise Sawyer, Monte Cristo TC, 43.01s
U14 Boys 300m: Roman Raydragan, Etobicoke Track Club, 43.05s
U16 Girls 300m: Nicole McKenzie, Boost Athletics Club, 40.41s
U16 Boys 300m: David Hurst Jr., Mississauga Olympians, 37.44s
U20 Women’s 400m: Eden Senior, Project Athletics Club, 59.40s
U20 Men’s 400: Abdullahi Hassan, Project Athletics Club, 49.81s

U16 Boys Weight Throw: Josh Linington, Brantford TFC, 20.60m (new U16 provincial record)
U20 Men’s Weight Throw: Cole Belkwell, Brantford TFC, 17.81m
U14 Boys High Jump: Harley Medeiros, Bullets Track Club, 1.55m
U16 Boys High Jump: Aidan Henry, Brockville Legion Track Club, 1.73m
U14 Boys Shot Put: Harley Medeiros, Bullets Track Club, 13.71m
U16 Boys Shot Put: Benjamin Brewer, Saugeen TFC, 13.99m
U20 Men’s Shot Put: Lucas Woodhall, Brockville Legion Track Club, 16.21m
U14 Girls High Jump: Arienne Birch, North Halton Track Club, 1.46m
U16 Girls High Jump: Zaria Gomes-John, Centro Scuola TFC, 1.53m
U16 Girls Triple Jump: Jillian Catton, Brampton Track Club, 10.87m
U20 Women’s Triple Jump: Anna Obi, Flying Angels Track Club, 11.24m
U16 Boys Triple Jump: Mark Skerl, Monte Cristo Track Club, 11.88m
U20 Men’s Triple Jump: Olorunsemi Akinduro, Flying Angels Track Club, 13.95m


U14 Girls 2000m: Rianna Smuk, Toronto Olympic Club, 6:53.43
U14 Boys 2000m: Ben Kulchyski, University of Toronto TC, 6:54.90
U16 Girls 2000m: Aysia Maurice, 310 Running, 6:43.56 (new U15 provincial record)
U16 Boys 2000m: Max Davies, University of Toronto TC, 5:51.35
U20 Women’s 3000m: Charlotte Wood, Central Ontario Rogues, 9:55.36
U20 Men’s 3000m: Joshua Desouza, Newmarket Huskies, 8:34.94
U14 Boys 60mH: Jack Trott-McDermott, London Western TFC, 11.70s
U14 Girls 60mH: Maddie Spadzinski, 310 Running, 10.09s
U16 Boys 60mH: Jaheim Ferguson, Durham Legion Athletics, 9.03s
U16 Girls 60mH: Izzy Goudros, Unattached Ontario, 8.89s
U20 Men’s 60mH: Liam Mather, London Legion TFC, 7.99s
U20 Women’s 60mH: Anna Witherspoon, The Speed Academy, 8.75s
U14 Girls 150m: Charlize Fraser, Bullets Track Club, 19.62s
U14 Boys 150m: Isaiah Luke, Mississauga Olympians, 17.84s (new U14 provincial record)
U20 Women’s 800m: Edna Dar, Blue Devils TC, 2:16.44
U20 Men’s 800m: Abdullahi Hassan, Project Athletics, 1:54.64
U16 Girls 800m: Emma Pegg, Windsor Legion Track Club, 2:19.97
U16 Boys 800m: Riley Flemington, Oakville Legion Track Club, 2:01.34
U14 Girls 800m: Clare Teron, Toronto West Athletics, 2:26.59
U14 Boys 800m: Kamran Brar, Durham Dragons, 2:19.68
U20 Women’s 200m: Alyssa Marsh, Durham Legion Athletics, 25.09s
U20 Men’s 200m: Owen Read, Invictus Athletics, 22.81s
U16 Girls 200m: Izzy Goudros, Unattached Ontario, 24.82s
U16 Boys 200m: Noah Dayton, University of Toronto Track Club, 23.30s

U16 Girls Weight Throw: Alexa Windle, Brantford TFC, 17.54m (new U16 provincial record)
U20 Women’s Weight Throw: Emily Fawcett, Kingston Track Club, 15.19m
U16 Girls Pole Vault: Isabelle Hill, University of Toronto TC, 2.75m
U20 Women’s Pole Vault: Alexandra Throndson, University of Toronto TC, 3.75m
U20 Men’s Pole Vault: Nojah Parker, Unattached Ontario, 4.40m
U14 Girls Shot Put: Sophia Saldutto, Brantford TFC, 8.36m
U16 Girls Shot Put: Alexa Windle, Brantford TFC, 11.83m
U20 Women’s Shot Put: Rebecca Herman, Unattached Ontario, 14.09m
U20 Men’s High Jump: Sam Hall, University of Toronto TC, 2.02m
U20 Women’s High Jump: Robin Clark, University of Toronto TC, 1.70m
U14 Boys Long Jump: Emmett Smith, Brantford TFC, 4.47m
U14 Girls Long Jump: Kristina Vincic, Monte Cristo Track Club, 4.65m
U16 Boys Long Jump: Mark Skerl, Monte Cristo Track Club, 6.20m
U16 Girls Long Jump: Jillian Catton, Brampton Track Club, 4.97m
U20 Men’s Long Jump: Kenny Siharath, Supreme Athletics, 6.91m
U20 Women’s Long Jump: Jasmine Scott-Kilgo, Border City Athletic Club, 5.73m