Awards will be presented to the best athletes, male and female, in all Athletics Ontario age divisions, as determined by the Awards Committee in the following categories:

  • Sprints/Hurdles
  • Distance (including walks)
  • Jumps
  • Throws
  • Combined Events
  • Para (Track)
  • Para (Field)

Note: Awards will not be awarded if the Committee feels that the criteria was not met in a category.

A single award will be presented in the following categories

  • Athlete of the Year
  • Volunteer
  • Sponsor
  • Media

Eligibility for Nomination 

  • The number of nominations to be elected annually shall be determined by the AO Awards Committee and represent all contributors and athletes within all disciplines (track and field, distance/ road running, cross country, Para, etc.) and supporting roles (officials, coaches, volunteers, media, sponsors, etc.).
  • Nominees to be considered must be a registered AO Member of that calendar year (all categories).
  • Athletes are evaluated based on performance and placing in their event(s); nominations to review select athletes come from both the membership and from the Awards committee, the Coach and Officials awards are based only on outside nominations.
Awards Selection:
# Type Definition Selection Criteria
1 Special Recognition Award Recognition of excellence in the administration of Athletics Awarded on a case by case basis. E.g. Retired staff
2 Athletes (Able & Para) An athlete shall be deemed to be one who has demonstrated character, sportsmanship and integrity, as well as outstanding ability in their particular athletic event and brought honour to Ontario and AO. Consideration should be based on the following in no particular order:
*Ontario Masters Association (OMA) will work with AO to compile the categories to extend beyond Senior Age Group. 1.       Attendance and placing at International Championships (Youth, Junior, and Senior categories)
2.       Best performances of the year (based on IAAF Tables for Youth,Junior, and Senior categories)
3.       Attendance and placing at AC National Championships
4.       Attendance and placing at AO Provincial Outdoor Championships
5.       National (Athletics Canada) or Provincial Records (Athletics Ontario) achieved
6.       Overall Athlete of the Year – evaluated across all sports/ disciplines, who was exceptional; based on results (performances and rankings) as well as sportsmanship.
7.       Respectful of AO’s Code of Conduct
3 Coach A coach is an individual who helps athletes improve and achieve their goals in and through sport and create environments to do this. Nomination only – evaluation of nominees will be conducted by the Awards committee and consideration will be based on the following:
The Coach must:
1.        Provide every athlete in the sport with a positive experience 1.       NCCP coaching course training in Sport Coach (Level 1) or higher (mandatory)
2.       Provide an opportunity for athletes to achieve their full potential through sport 2.       Athletes performance at Provincial, National or International events
3.       Use sport as a personal development tool 3.       Development of the sport and athletes in their community (i.e. RJTW program initiation in their club, initiation of a Master’s program,                     support of Provincial Teams, etc.)
(Coaching Association of Canada, 2007)
4 Official The Nominee must be an AO registered official for the year of nomination. Nomination only – evaluation of nominees will be conducted by the Awards committee and consideration will be based on the following:
*Athletics Ontario Officials (AOO) will work with AO to compile and evaluate the nominations submitted. On-­‐field/Competition Contributions:
1.       Officiating at local meets;
2.       Officiating at Provincial Championships;
3.       Officiating at National/International meets.
Additional criteria which may be considered but not required – Educational and Leadership Contributions:
a)       serving as a mentor for officials wishing to  upgrade;
b)       being mentored for personal upgrading;
c)       serving as a clinician for officials wishing to upgrade;
d)       attending clinics/seminars for personal upgrading;
e)       Other contributions related to officiating.
5 Volunteer A volunteer is a non-paid individual who supports the mandate and goals of Athletics Ontario through giving back their time (i.e. committee member, event support, expertise, etc.). 1.       Selected volunteer(s) must be registered with AO as non-paid members or volunteers during the current calendar year, and have contributed to a minimum of one Athletics Ontario initiative (i.e. event, project, committee) to be considered for the nomination.
2.       This award does not include contributions by AO Officials for their roles and duties as an AO Official or AOOEC committee member, although an AO Official may be recognized for volunteering in other capacities.
*Despite the voluntary nature of Officials, the Volunteer category will recognize those that contribute to the sport in a supportive role. 3.       In selecting award winners the Awards Committee will consider the following factors:
a)   Honours i.e. Based on contributions at:
o    International Competitions
o    National Championships
o    Provincial Championships
a)       Number of Volunteer Hours contributed to 2017 Athletics Ontario events or recognized activities
b)       Written or documented feedback from Officials, the Officials Committee, members, participants, meet directors, or event organizers
c)       Written or documented feedback from AO Staff
d)       Written or documented feedback from the general public who have had direct knowledge of the volunteer contribution provided at an AO-recognized activity (i.e. Bingo, community activation, etc.)