Athletics Ontario Announces Finalists for 2015 Awards Banquet

Athletics Ontario is pleased to announce that the 2015 Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites.

The awards gala will include presentations to over 45 male and female athlete award winners in all of our event categories including Sprints/Hurdles, Distance, Jumps, Throws and Combined Events and all age categories (Bantam, Midget, Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters), as well. Additionally, there will be the following Para Awards: Outstanding Track Performance and Outstanding Field Performance. In most cases there will be one winner for each of the aforementioned age groups.

Emceeing Athletics Ontario’s 2015 Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be former Global TV sports anchor and CHUM-FM radio personality, Sarah Miller. The occasion will include a reception with a cash bar and a silent auction, and is set to begin at 3:00pm. The banquet itself will begin at 4:00pm with the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony at 4:40pm, followed by the awards presentations and a buffet dinner. It is expected that our evening will wrap up at approximately 8:00pm. Get your tickets today before the event sells out. The deadline for purchasing tickets is Tuesday September 22nd, and complete details can be found here:

Athletics Ontario wants to congratulate our 150 finalists, all of whom are outstanding athletes. Winners of each category will be announced at the banquet itself on September 26th. The following names are our 2015 finalists for this year’s Athletics Ontario awards:


Bantam Girls: Brianna Gayle (Speed Academy Athletics Club), Johanna Hui (Guelph T&F Club), Ashely Robitaille (Timmins Porcupine T&F Club)

Midget Girls: Lauren Gale (Ottawa Lions TFC), Alyssa Marsh (Durham Legion Athletics), Skye Diop (Durham Gazelles)

Youth Girls: Kyra Constantine (Project Athletics T&F Club), Keira Christie ­Galloway (Ottawa Lions T&F Club), Xahria Santiago (Speed Academy Athletics Club)

Junior Women: Lexi Aitken (London Athletics T&F Alliance), Leya Buchanan (Speed Academy Athletics Club), Taysia Radoslav (Monte Cristo Track Club), Taylor Sharpe (Speed Academy Athletics Club)

Senior Women: Khamica Bingham (Brampton Track Club Inc.), Crystal Emmanuel (Flying Angels Academy), Phylicia George (Flying Angels Academy), Nikkita Holder (Flying Angels Academy), Sarah Wells (UofT Track Club)

Bantam Boys: Nicholas Burke (Unattached), Owen Drouillard (University of Windsor Athletics Club), Dante Kellar (Niagara Olympic Club)

Midget Boys: Emmanuel Ajiroba (Flying Angels Academy), Cameron Bruce (Durham Dragons Athletics), Liam Mather (London Legion Track & Field Alliance)

Youth Boys: Joseph Daniels (Supreme Athletics), Nathan Friginette (Flying Angels Academy), Cody Pauli (London Legion Track & Field Alliance)

Junior Men: Ramzi Abdullahi (Nemean Lions Athletics), Daniel Brady (Unattached), Matthew Leliever (The Speed Academy Athletics Club)

Senior Men: Andre De Grasse (The Speed Academy Athletics Club), Sekou Kaba (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.), Brendon Rodney (Hamilton Elite Athletic Club), Damian Warner (London Western T.F.C.)



Bantam Girls: Charlotte Barber (310 Running), Hannah Hall (Newmarket Huskies Track Club), Meg Jackson (Durham Dragons Athletics), Clarissa Sladek (London Legion Track and Field Alliance)

Midget Girls: Jocelyn Chau (UofT Track Club), Cameron Ormond (Newmarket Huskies Track Club), Brogan MacDougall (Physi­Kult Kingston), Mackenzie Morgan (Laurel Creek T&F Club)

Youth Girls: Emily Cohen (Central Toronto Athletic Club), Shona McCulloch (Ottawa Lions T&F Club), Sylvia Russell (Durham Dragons Athletics)

Junior Women: Evelyne Guay (Harbour Track), Charlotte Prouse (London Legion T&F Alliance), Claire Smith (Ottawa Lions T&F Club), Erinn Stenman­ Fahey (Ottawa Lions T&F Club)

Senior Women: Melissa Bishop (Ottawa Lions T&F Club), Sasha Gollish (UofT Track Club), Lanni Marchant (London Western T&F Club), Rachel Seaman (Peterborough Legion Track Club)

Bantam Boys: Joshua Thomas Boston (Newmarket Huskies Track Club), Joe Fast (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.), James Olson-Keating (Newmarket Huskies Track Club)

Midget BoysJonathan Desouza (Newmarket Huskies), Mitchell Leliever (Speed Academy Athletics Club), Alec Purnell (Hamilton Olympic Club), Thomas Witkowicz (Durham Dragons Athletics)

Youth Boys: Alexander Bimm (University of Toronto T.C.), Braydon Clarke (Speed River Track & Field Club), Edward Hayfron (Phoenix Athletics Association of Ontario)

Junior Men: Ehab El-Sandali (Etobicoke Track & Field Club), Robert Heppenstall (Monte Cristo Track Club), Braydon Rennie (Mississauga T.F.C.), Justyn Knight (University of Toronto T.C.)

Senior Men: Mohammed Ahmed (Niagara Olympic Club), Nathan Brannen (Phoenix Athletics Association of Ontario), Matthew Hughes (Newmarket Huskies Track Club), Taylor Milne (Speed River Track & Field Club)



Bantam Girls: Jillian Catton (Lightning Athletics), Alexys Maurice (310 Running)

Midget Girls: Robin Clark (York Region Runners Club) Caitlyn Hamm (Niagara Regional Athletics), Quinn Johnston (Central Toronto Athletics Club), Lexi Kundlacz (Brockville Legion Track Club), Jasmine Scott ­Kilgo (Border City Athletics Club)

Youth Girls: Makiah Hunt (Bolton Pole Vault), Dallyssa Huggins (Unattached), Kerry­ Ann James (UofT Track Club)

Junior Women: Jamilah James (Alliance Athletics Club), Emma Li (Speed Academy Athletics Club), Angela Mercurio (Supreme Athletics)

Senior Women: Kelsie Ahbe (Unattached), Alysha Newman (London Legion T&F Alliance), Patricia Sylvester (Project Athletics T&F Club), Julia Wallace (Unattached)

Bantam Boys: Quinton Duemo (Royal Athletic Club), Wesley Michailidis (London Western T.F.C.)

Midget Boys: Japhet Divita (C.A.N.I. Athletics), Cashmen Ford (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.), Joshua McCarroll (Flying Angels Academy)

Youth Boys: Logan Panek (Border City AC), Nojah Parker (Woodstock Legion Athletic Club), Ryan Taylor (Track North Athletic Club)

Junior Men: Steve Nkusi (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.), Brian Obonna (Brampton Track Club INC.), Tristan Slater (Project Athletics Track & Field Club)

Senior Men: Shawnacy Barber (Project Athletics Track & Field Club), Derek Drouin (Sarnia Athletics Southwest T.F.C.), Jared Kerr (Flying Angels Academy)



Bantam Girls: Madura Muraletharan (United Tamil Sports Club), Ashley Robitaille (Timmins Porcupine T&F Club), Thuvarakaa Sathiyamether (United Tamil Sports Club)

Midget Girls: Emma McDougall (Niagara Regional Athletics), Maggie Mullen (Sarnia Athletics Southwest T&F Club), Trinity Tutti (Team GRUNT)

Youth Girls: Tanya Coulter (Ottawa Lions T&F Club), Rebecca Herman (Unattached), Grace Tennant (Team GRUNT)

Junior Women: Cyerra Cassell (Unattached), Obeng Marfo (York University T&F Club), Ashley Pryke (York University T&F Club)

Senior Women: Brittany Crew (York University T&F Club), Sultana Frizell (Ottawa Lions T&F Club), Alanna Kovacs (South Simcoe Dufferin T&F Club), Marie ­Josée Le Jour (Throwers Club)

Bantam Boys: Jeremy Elliott (Saugeen Track & Field Club), Callan Saldutto (Niagara Regional Athletics)

Midget Boys: Cole Belkwell (Unattached), Kristopher Keaman-Leitch (London Western T.F.C.), Riley Robitaille (Timmins Porcupine Track & Field Club)

Youth Boys: Tony Elliott (Saugeen Track & Field Club), Joseph Maxwell (Unattached), Thomas Nedow (Brockville Legion Track Club), Fletcher Smith (University of Windsor Athletics Club)

Junior Men: Benjamin Cross (Kingston Track & Field Club), Mackenzie Josie (London Western T.F.C.), Andrew Martin (London Western T.F.C.), Noah Rolph (St Thomas Legion Track Club)

Senior Men: Raymond Dykstra (Niagara Regional Athletics), Tim Hendry-Gallagher (London Western T.F.C.), Timothy Nedow (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.), Jordan Young (York University Track & Field Club)


Combined Events

Bantam Girls: Jillian Catton (Lightning Athletics), Jacqueline Turner (Windsor Legion T&F Club)

Midget Girls: Brooklyn Feasby (Peterborough Legion Track Club), Sarah Saldutto (Niagara Regional Athletics)

Youth Girls: Alexis Brenzil (Niagara Regional Athletics), Victoria Fair(Niagara Regional Athletics), Dallyssa Huggins (Unattached)

Junior Women: Reena Francis (Windsor Legion Track and Field), Serena Hunt (Windsor Legion T&F Club), Sara Villani (London Western T&F Club)

Senior Women: Maddie Buttinger (UofT Track Club), Jillian Drouin (Sarnia Athletics Southwest T&F Club), Emma Siuciak (Unattached)

Midget Boys: Cameron Bruce (Durham Dragons Athletics), Jackson Medeiros (St Thomas Legion Track Club)

Youth Boys: Clayton Jeffrey (University of Toronto T.C.), Tanner Van Every (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.)

Junior Men: Pierce Lepage (Unattached), Nathaniel Mechler (First Attempt Jumps Academy)

Senior Men: Patrick Arbour (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.), Damian Warner (London Western T.F.C.)

Overall Athlete of the Year: Shawnacy Barber (Project Athletics Track & Field Club), Melissa Bishop (Ottawa Lions T.F.C.), Derek Drouin (Sarnia Athletics Southwest T.F.C.), Damian Warner (London Western T.F.C.), Andre De Grasse (Speed Academy Athletics Club)


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