2017 North American Indigenous Games – Call for Volunteers

The Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games (July 16 to 23, 2017) – Call for Volunteers!

From July 16 – 23, 2017, the City of Toronto will be the proud Host City to the 2017 North American Indigenous Games – expected to be the largest sporting and cultural gathering of Indigenous people, welcoming more than 5,000 athletes from across North America.

Get Involved – Join the Movement!

It will take more than 2000 volunteers to deliver a successful 2017 NAIG, and to ensure that all of the athletes, participants, and spectators, have an enjoyable and memorable experience.  The North American Indigenous Games are looking for volunteers in a wide range of areas from sport specialists, to protocol, to medical volunteers, IT specialists and photographers, to name a few. Volunteers will work together and be stationed at various venues across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Hamilton Region and Six Nations of the Grand River.

Support TRC Call to Action 88 and be part of #Team88.

Interested in volunteering?  Please go to this link to fill out our application to volunteer at  http://naig2017.to/en/get-involved/volunteers/.

Have questions about volunteering?  Find out more in the FAQs on their site:  http://naig2017.to/en/get-involved/volunteers/faqs/.

Find out more about the North American Indigenous Games at http://naig2017.to Past, Present, Future. #AllOne


2017 Summer Run Jump Throw Wheel Athletics Camp



Live in the Toronto area?


Whether you’re new to track & Field or looking to improve, this program combines technical development and FUNdamental techniques to maximize participation! The fundamentals of body positioning, stride, proper stretching, and cool-down techniques as well as sprints, hurdles, jumping and throwing are all covered in this unique program. This fun filled day will feature a half day of track and field and half day of pool and various game play opportunities to maximize fitness!!! Participants will put it all together for one fun-filled day at the end of the week at a track meet! Space is limited so sign up fast!


Athletics Ontario is hosting a Run Jump Throw Wheel camp over the Summer. Campers will receive an introduction to track and field with activities targeted to develop their progressive motor skills combined with physical strength training and cardiovascular training.

 Week 4:

Date: July 24-28, 2017

Time: 9am-4pm  *additional $40 for late/early pickup 8am-5pm

Location: Variety Village (3701 Danforth Ave. Scarborough)
Ages: 5-13

Registration: to come

Price: $250

Week 7:

Date: Aug 14-18, 2017

Time: 9am-4pm  *additional $40 for late/early pickup 8am-5pm

Location: Variety Village (3701 Danforth Ave. Scarborough)
Ages: 5-13

Registration: to come

Price: $250


Staehli and Esselink take Ontario 10,000m championship titles

Julie-Anne Staehli (Physi-Kult Kings) took the Women’s 10,000m Provincial Championship title with a time of 34:12.17, while, in the Men’s race,

Evan Esselink of Speed River TFC took the gold with a time of 29:49.14. The Championships were hosted at Western Stadium in London on Saturday May 13 by London Runner Distance Club. This was the 12th consecutive year in which LRDC has hosted this prestigious event.


Full results below:

Licensed to London Runners Distance Club
                                      HY-TEK's Meet Manager 2017-05-14 02:02 PM
                         RCLDS #1: The London 10,000m                          
                     TD Stadium, London, ON  - 2017-05-13                      
Women Open 800 Meter Run Open
    Canadian: * 1:57.02  2016-08-20  Melissa Bishop, Canada                    
     Ontario: R 1:57.02  2016-08-20  Melissa Bishop (88), Ottawa Lions         
       RCLDS: ! 2:05.74  2011-05-24  Melissa Bishop, Ottawa Lions TFC          
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals  Points
Section  1  
  1 Charlotte Ward            96 Speed River Tfc      2:09.35    2:14.33  
  2 Sarah Welch               97 Speed River Tfc      2:14.42    2:20.38  
  3 Kara Blair                98 Physi-Kult Kings     2:13.00    2:21.60  
  4 Francesca Maltais         98 Speed River Tfc      2:16.00    2:22.89  
Women Open 1500 Meter Run Open
    Canadian: * 4:00.27  1985-09-30  Lynn Williams, Canada                     
     Ontario: R 4:02.29  2005-08-28  Carmen Douma-Hussar (77)                  
       RCLDS: ! 4:06.82  2015-06-21  Nicole Sifuentes, Unattached              
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Katelyn Ayers             95 Speed River Tfc      4:20.00    4:26.02  
  2 Brogan MacDougall         00 Physi-Kult Kings     4:28.00    4:26.77  
  3 Carise Thompson           92 Speed River Tfc      4:20.00    4:26.86  
  4 Sophia Watts              94 Unattached N         4:20.00    4:33.29  
  5 Philippa Aukett           84 London Runner Di     4:40.00    4:41.75  
  6 Bettina Boucher           96 Unattached Ontar     4:37.00    4:43.52  
  7 Jessica White             92 Unattached Ontar     4:50.00    4:47.93  
  8 Sarah Wismer              96 Speed River Tfc      4:39.00    4:48.54  
  9 Julia Cameron             02 Toronto West         5:07.00    5:07.39  
 10 Skyler Bonk               05 London Legion TF     5:15.57    5:15.95  
 11 Arielle Aitken-Guignard   03 London Legion TF     5:28.00    5:28.23  
 12 Cerena Aitken- Guignard   05 London Legion TF     5:42.00    5:46.27  
Women Open 10000 Meter Run Open
    Canadian: * 31:41.59  2015-05-02  Natasha Wodak                            
     Ontario: R 31:44.74  2003-05-02  Courtney Babcock (72)                    
       RCLDS: ! 33:10.47  2011-05-08  Megan Brown, Athletics Toronto           
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Julie-Anne Staehli        93 Physi-Kult Kings    33:45.00   34:12.17  
  2 Kait Toohey               88 Unattached Ontar    37:20.00   36:19.30  
  3 Katrina Allison           94 Speed River Tfc     33:20.00   36:40.82  
  4 Molly Steer               95 Physi-Kult Kings    38:30.00   37:48.30  
 -- Claire Sumner             95 Physi-Kult Kings    34:06.00        DNF  
Men Open 800 Meter Run Open
    Canadian: * 1:43.68  2008-07-29  Gary Reed, Canada                         
     Ontario: R 1:43.95  2016-07-22  Brandon McBride (94), Windsor Legion      
       RCLDS: ! 1:47.23  2015-06-28  Anthony Romaniw, Speed River TFC          
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Mostafa Elkurdy           96 Speed River Tfc      1:53.00    1:51.80  
  2 Tommy Land                94 Speed River Tfc      1:48.82    1:55.01  
  3 Caleb Main                98 Speed River Tfc      1:54.00    1:55.29  
  4 Alex Broekhuyse           99 Monte Cristo         1:55.87    1:56.76  
  5 Sam Wyatt                 00 Huron-Perth          1:57.00    1:57.19  
  6 Jacob Smith               90                      1:55.00    1:57.76  
  7 Joshua Zelek              01 Huron-Perth          1:59.00    1:59.83  
  8 William McBurney          08 London Runner Di     3:10.00    3:06.71  
  9 Griffin Wick              07 London Runner Di     3:30.00    3:34.16  
Men Open 1500 Meter Run Open
    Canadian: * 3:31.71  2000-06-30  Kevin Sullivan (74), Windsor Legion       
     Ontario: R 3:31.71  2000-06-30  Kevin Sullivan (74), Windsor Legion       
       RCLDS: ! 3:37.51  2012-06-22  Taylor Milne, Speed Rivert Track Club     
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Ryan Harmer               01 Huron-Perth          4:30.00    4:31.29  
  2 Stephen Robinson          00 London Runner Di     4:40.00    4:32.74  
  3 Ben Miske                 02 Toronto West         4:30.00    4:35.05  
  4 Owen Peters               03 London Runner Di     5:00.00    4:48.72  
  5 Heath McAllister          04 London Runner Di     5:15.00    4:54.27  
  6 Tanner Atkinson           04 Windsor Legion T     4:40.00    4:55.10  
  7 Gary G Cassel             68 Jamcan Inter         5:00.00    5:03.47  
  8 James Koch                03 Huron-Perth          5:03.00    5:05.86  
  9 Seth Sommerfreund         05 London Runner Di     5:30.00    5:29.39  
 10 Simon Veitch              06 London Runner Di     5:30.00    5:30.04  
 11 Hayden Agar               04 London Runner Di     5:45.00    5:31.02  
 12 Ian McAllister            05 London Runner Di     5:40.00    5:36.77  
Section  2  
  1 Josh Kellier              97 Speed River Tfc      3:51.00    3:46.54  
  2 Kyle Madden               98 Speed River Tfc      3:52.50    3:47.51  
  3 Connor Black              96 Speed River Tfc      3:48.00    3:48.04  
  4 Christopher Dulhanty      92 Speed River Tfc      3:46.00    3:53.01  
  5 Delohnni Nicol-Samuel     91 Speed River Tfc      3:46.20    3:53.32  
  6 Hunter Andrin             93 London Western T     3:51.00    3:54.74  
  7 Michael Styba             94 U of Toronto TC      3:51.56    3:55.67  
  8 Phil Parrot-Migas         93 London Western T     3:51.00    3:55.71  
  9 Eric Macpherson           93 Newmarker Huskie     3:59.00    3:56.18  
 10 Ciaran Callaghan          95 Newmarker Huskie     4:05.00    4:05.68  
 11 Mitchell Heyink           98 London Western T     4:10.00    4:12.05  
 12 Aaron McQuaid             96 Newmarker Huskie     4:07.00    4:15.08  
 13 Stuart Wilcox             97 Unattached Ontar     4:10.00    4:15.86  
 14 Aidan Attema              97 London Western T     4:07.99    4:17.06  
 15 Ali Ghadghoni             93 Newmarker Huskie     4:07.00    4:17.81  
 -- Mark Patton               97 Speed River Tfc      3:44.80        DNF  
Men Open 10000 Meter Run Open
    Canadian: * 27:07.51  2015-05-29  Cameron Levins                           
     Ontario: R 27:30.00  2017-05-05  Mohammed Ahmed (91), Niagara Olympic Club
       RCLDS: ! 28:58.90  2015-05-10  Kelly Wiebe, Saskatchewan                
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals  Points
Section  1  
  1 Evan Esselink             92 Speed River Tfc     28:55.00   29:49.14  
  2 Kevin Blackney            91 London Western T    30:50.00   29:57.81  
  3 Sami Jibril               89 Newmarker Huskie    29:43.00   30:00.50  
  4 Hussein Hashi             91 Speed River Tfc     30:20.00   30:05.01  
  5 Brayden Seneca            94 Speed River Tfc     30:00.00   30:24.61  
  6 Eric Wynands              95 Unattached Ontar    30:40.00   30:38.58  
  7 Robert Kanko              96 Physi-Kult Kings    30:40.00   30:39.38  
  8 Ben Workman               97 Speed River Tfc     30:10.00   31:02.52  
  9 Mark Schmidt              96 Physi-Kult Kings    30:38.00   31:05.36  
 10 Joey Stel                 96 Newmarker Huskie    31:45.00   31:27.90  
 11 Jonathan Favero           97 Unattached Ontar    31:30.00   31:28.81  
 12 Graeme Law                90 Running Room        31:30.00   31:42.03  
 13 Jelmer Van Den Hadelkamp  96 Caltaf Athle        31:40.00   31:54.19  
 14 Brett Crowley             94                     32:30.00   32:09.37  
 15 Michael Gill              77 Lions Valley        32:29.00   32:32.04  
 16 Derek Patterson           98 Lakehead Run        32:30.00   32:47.83  
 17 Esteban Clavijo           91 Newmarker Huskie    32:59.00   32:57.48  
 18 Jamie Tarling             94 Newmarker Huskie    32:45.00   33:56.81  
 19 Simon Rayner              64 U of Toronto TC     36:00.00   36:00.82  
 20 Jeremy Walsh              75 London Runner Di    35:30.00   36:54.66  
 21 Walter Faion              60 U of Toronto TC     40:00.00   42:25.01  
 -- Christopher Dulhanty      92 Speed River Tfc     29:59.99        DNF

The London 10,000m

London Runner Distance Club will be hosting The London 10,000m on Saturday May 13, 2017. Registration is now open. For all up to date information, including the technical package and tentative schedule, please visit the championship website by clicking the link below.


For a preview of the race visit the link below:



IMPORTANT UPDATED: Please disregard the incorrect entry deadline on an email sent by us on Wednesday May 3, 2017. The correct early entry deadline, is on Monday May 8 at 11:59pm EST. All information about the meet can be found at the link above. 


Recommended accommodations are at Ontario Hall: www.stayatwestern.ca

Elite Accommodations

The host club will cover shared accommodations for a limited number of elite athletes travelling more than 3 hours to race in London. To be eligible for free accommodations, athletes must:

  • Have run under the following times at a sanctioned track meet or record eligible road race since January 1st, 2016
  • Contact the meet director by Monday, May 1st, 2017
  • Register for the London 10,000m by Monday, May 1st, 2017

Senior Men: sub-30.40 10,000m/31:00 road 10k
Senior Women: sub-36:30 10,000/36:50 road 10k
Junior Men: sub-31:40 10,000m/32:00 road 10k

Eligible athletes will receive:
*1 night accommodations if travelling 3-5 hours to London
*2 night accommodation if travelling >5 hours to London


Mohawk Sports Park Track Renewal

The Golden Horseshoe Track & Field Council is pleased to announce a recent collaborative partnership between the City of Hamilton and local track & field groups who support the upcoming infrastructure renewal of the current Mohawk Sports Park, outdoor track & field facility.

Local groups including the Hamilton Olympic Club (celebrating 90 years); Hamilton Special Olympics; Hamilton CANUSA Games; HEAT Athletics; Stoney Creek Athletics; Monte Cristo Track & Field Club; Sport Hamilton; and the Hamilton Accessible Sports Council, have been meeting with City of Hamilton staff over this past year to share their vision and expertise towards this project which represents the only public facility of its kind in the City of Hamilton.

Project Co-Chairman, Bill Urie, who currently sits on the Board of Directors with the Hamilton Olympic Club as well as serving as a Director with the 91st Highlanders Athletic Association (Hamilton Indoor Games) emphasized the need to “get this project right”. “Having this work completed will not only lead to a more safe and inclusive public space but will also result in greater accessibility for both athletes and spectators”. “Our ultimate goal is to have the capability of hosting quality regional, provincial and national events including seeing the return of evening twilight meets”. The proposed changes will result in expanded and new program opportunities for our community including a proposed PARA Athletic and Special Olympics Program.

Co-Chairman, Kevin Gonci, SportHamilton and Hamilton CANUSA Games, explained how the various community groups came together to support this initiative when City Staff announced plans to finally move forward with the project. “It was apparent that the various stakeholder groups all had a common vision and identified barriers to the existing facility which needed to be overcome and the best way to approach it was to work in collaboration with city officials in whatever capacity we could contribute”. “Initially we were extremely disappointed that the project budget did not allow for accessibility improvements, given the performance of our Canadian PARA Athletes at the recent RIO Olympics and  PAN AM Games, it was obvious to us that these features needed to be included in the facility upgrades”.

Phase one of the project will occur this summer with the installation of a new high performance track surface along with a new discus/hammer cage and accessibility features that have been identified. Depending on the success of our fundraising efforts we anticipate that additional work will be completed during Phase two (2018) and will include infield lighting; spectator seating; new shot put area; and shared use storage space. “Our ability to host high caliber competitions will result in a major economic impact for our city and will have a positive influence on the long term athlete development of athletes both locally and across the region”.

Our subsequent meeting with City Councillor Tom Jackson resulted in a further $100,000 towards the project with an additional $100,000 matching contribution if our group made an effort to contribute to the project. “This type of arrangement is not that uncommon, the Hamilton Olympic Club for instance made a $17,000 purchase for new steeple chase barriers which will be used for the first time this season and most of the current equipment on site, with total value of over $150,000, is owned and maintained by the local clubs and used by the various community groups and school boards during competitions and training”. City staff are quite aware that any contribution on our part will depend on the success of local fundraising efforts including various grant applications which we might qualify for. One such grant has already secured a $10,000 contribution from the Toronto based William Pearson Family Fund which will be used to help replace the former discus/hammer cage.

In addition to establishing a GO Fund Me Page (Mohawk Sports Park) we are offering corporate advertisement opportunities for local businesses and all donations will be eligible to receive a tax receipt. We are also in contact with city staff regarding the possible renaming of the track & field facility after local track & field legend, Ray Lewis. “Hamilton has always had a well respected and established reputation in Athletics and an informal poll conducted recently at the Hamilton Olympic Club’s 90th Gala Celebration would tend to support the naming of the facility after Mr. Lewis”

For additional information regarding donations and corporate advertisement opportunities please contact Project Co-Chairman, Kevin Gonci at kgonci4@gmail.com  (905) 317-9381.


Athletics Ontario summer student employment opportunities

Athletics Ontario has 5 student positions available. Please see the attached job postings for more information including tasks and responsibilities, requirements, qualifications and eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Athletics Ontario gratefully acknowledges the Government of Canada for the funding provided to support the following job opportunities:

Athletics Ontario gratefully acknowledges Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for the funding provided to support the following job opportunity:

Please note: The application deadlines for all positions above is May 21, 2017.

Note: Revised as of May 10, 2017

ON and QC Combined Events Championships



Both Quebec and Ontario will be hosting their Combined Events Championships at the Terry Fox Athletics Facility in Ottawa from June 10 – 11 for the Youth, Junior, and Senior age groups. Ontario will also be hosting their Bantam and Midget Combined Events Championships on June 11. This championship will also be the trails for athletes looking to be selected to represent Ontario at the Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba which go from July 28 – Aug 13.

For further information on the Championship please visit the link below.



Hotel Info

Residence & Conference Centre
Ottawa West 1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K2G 1V8

• 2 separate bedrooms each with desk, dresser and oversized double bed
• Kitchenette with sink, full size fridge, microwave, seating area
• 3 piece washroom stocked with guest amenities
• Telephone with complimentary local calls
• High speed internet
• Cable television Price: $100.00/night until Friday, May 30, 2017.

To Book: https://app.thebookingbutton.com/properties/rccottawawestdirect


Art Keay Memorial Racewalk

The Art Keay Memorial Racewalk will once again be the host of Athletics Ontario’s 10,000m Race Walk Championships. The competition will be held on Sunday, May 28, at Hanlan’s Point in Toronto, Ontario. Registration forms for the event can be found on the event page which is linked below.


You must go to the Toronto Island Ferry Docks. Make sure to take the Hanlan’s Point Ferry. Once you arrive at Hanlan’s Point there will be signposts directing you to the registration desk, which is within easy walking distance of the Hanlan’s Point Ferry Dock – 15 minute walk.  Special Note for competitors: You should take the 8:45 or 9:30am ferry to ensure that you arrive early enough to pick up race package and warm up. Please check ferry schedule close to race date in case schedule changes.

Ferry Information: To obtain the Hanlan’s Point Ferry schedule: 416.392.8193 OR www.toronto.ca/parks/island/index.htm

Accommodation:  There are many hotels within walking distance of the Island Ferry Docks..

We recommend the Holiday Inn on King. Reservation: 416:599.4000 or 1.800.263.6364

If driving, try Seneca College Residence, 1760 Finch Ave. East, Toronto. Cost: $82.

Web: www.stayrcc.com




TORONTO, Ontario – May 1, 2017

The Board of Athletics Ontario (AO) today announced the appointment of Ross Ste-Croix to the role of Executive Director.

Ste-Croix brings a wide-range of experience in sports-management and administration to the role. His program development and project management skills and experience will help drive the continued development and promotion of athletics in Ontario.

Prior to joining AO, Ste-Croix spent several years with National Sport Organizations (NSO’s) where, in addition to serving as an NSO executive council member with the Coaching Association of Canada, he developed and implemented educational and leadership programs, supporting capacity building grant projects, and provided administrative management. More recently, Ste-Croix served as a Sport Consultant with the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Ste-Croix holds a Bachelor degree from McGill University and a Master’s degree in Sports Administration from the University of Ottawa. He has a lifelong passion for sports and is an avid roadrunner — competing in races ranging from 5K to the half-marathon. As a ‘not for profit’ volunteer himself, he appreciates the vital role of volunteers in the fast-paced Ontario amateur sport sector.

“Ross Ste-Croix brings a unique combination of skills and experience to this demanding role,” said Lisa Ferdinand, President and Board Chair. “He has a deep understanding of sport administration, governance, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. This along with his demonstrated abilities to mobilize people and resources to achieve shared goals will ensure Athletics Ontario’s future sustainability and growth.”


“I’m excited to be part of the Athletics Ontario team and contribute to an organization devoted to enhancing the sport of athletics for all Ontarians,” said Ste-Croix. “I’m looking forward to working with the AO Board, staff, as well as the membership, volunteers, stakeholders and the greater athletics community.”

Ross Ste-Croix assumes the Executive Director role on May 3, 2017.


– AO –


Athletics Ontario is the not-for-profit sport governing body for Athletics (Track & Field, Race Walking, Road Running, X-Country, and Trail Running) for the province of Ontario. www.athleticsontario.ca



For more information, contact:
Lisa Ferdinand
AO President & Chair


2020 World Masters Athletics Championships in Toronto

Job Postings for Volunteer/Paid Positions – Deadline: 12 noon on May 20, 2017

These opportunities are being posted across a number of sources and through multiple channels. We encourage you to pass it on to anyone you think might be interested and qualified.


Toronto Athletics Event Management Inc. (TAEM) has been contracted by World Masters Athletics (WMA) to organize and host the 2020 World Masters Athletics Championships in Toronto. TAEM is a not-for-profit, registered corporation whose purpose is to promote and organize athletics events, sports, games and recreational events, and foster goodwill and sportsmanship. TAEM operates under the direction of the Board of Directors and with the guidance of a Local Organizing Committee.

Founded in 1975, the WMA oversees world championships for masters-aged athletes (35 years of age and over), and works in cooperation with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The WMA Outdoor Championships are hosted every two years. Toronto expects about 9,000 athletes and guests from over 70 countries to attend the Championships in 2020. The event will be hosted over a period of thirteen days and will take place at six venues.



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