AO Indoor Championship Series Meet #1 Recap

Athletics Ontario hosted it’s first event of the year this weekend at the Toronto Track and Field Centre. With more than 500 athletes in attendance, we saw some incredible performances. There were new personal bests, provincial records, and some firsts for a number of athletes.

We are lucky to have had 3 of the recently nominated 2018 Commonwealth Games Team Canada athletes come out to compete; Brittany Crew, Tim Nedow, Pierce Lepage. Each of these three put on some great performances, coming out on top of their respective event categories. Brittany Crew threw 16.77m in the women’s open shot put and Tim Nedow threw 19.84m in the men’s open shot put.

We also had the pleasure of watching Pierce Lepage compete in a number of events across the weekend. He began by running the Men’s 60mH in a time of 8.3 seconds. He also competed in the Men’s Open Pole Vault and Shot Put.

We are excited to watch these three travel to Australia in April to represent Canada, and Ontario!

AO bore witness to a few new Indoor records set this weekend. Josh Linington, of Brantford Track and Field Club, set a new provincial record in the U16 Boys Weight Throw with a throw of 19.73m. The previous record was set in 2014 by Christian Janzen, a distance o 19.47m.

Aysia Maurice, of 310 Running, set a new provincial record in the Midget Girls U15 2000m with a time of 6:43.34. The previous record, 6:43.70 was held by Madison Greig, set in 2015. Aysia additionally holds the Bantam Girls U14 record in this event.

In the U16 Girls Tetrathlon, Izzy Goudros came just 55 points shy of breaking the AO Indoor record. Her points total of 2,724 was extremely impressive. Izzy does currently hold the U15 Girls Indoor record in the event.

The U14 Girls Tetrathlon was officially introduced for the age group as of this year, so we are pleased to announce that Erika Lealess of London Western Track and Field will hold the U13 Girls record, with 1,259 points, and Elise Sawyer, of Monte Cristo Track Club, will hold the record for the U14 category, with 2,032 points. Congratulations ladies!

Additionally, the U14 Boys Tetrathlon was introduced as well. The new U14 AO record holder will be Treyton Webb, of Invictus Athletics Club, with 1,053 points. Congratulations!

As our event featured both Championship and individual events this weekend, you can find the full set of final results here. Following is a breakdown of our Relay and Combined Events Results:

Relay Results:

U14 Girls Finals:
1. Monte Cristo Track Club (Eva Amorim, Natasha De La Reta Brzostek, Elise Sawyer, Kristina Vincic)
2. Saugeen Track and Field Club (Grace Wheeler, Claire Rands, Jasmine Broere, Brooklyn Quanz)
3. London Western TFC (Reese Klages, Perri Kelly, Ainsley Vasarhelyi, Erika Lealass)

U16 Girls Finals:
1. University of Toronto TC (Lauren Niel, Chloe Schneeberg, Phoebe Ferguson, Siena Sujitno)
2. Monte Cristo Track Club (Olivia Dodds, Abygail Montague, Nidhi Sarkar, Hailey Reid)
3. St. Thomas Legion Track and Field Club (Tayah Desouza, Kendall Nash, Lily Francis, Kyra Vellinga)

U18 Girls Finals:
1. Brantford TFC (Georgina Pickard, Pearl Vannooten, Leandra Mitchell, Ella Stowe)
2. University of Toronto TC (Olivia Beckerman, Mikayla Moffett, Sofia Gilbert, Emma Skipp)
3. Burlington Track and Field Club (Alessia Huma, Victoria Starcevic, Patricia Nunez Cardoso, Avery Ferron)

U20 Women’s Finals:
1. The Gazelles (Jasmine Kidd, Skyy Diop, Trinity Miller, Makenzy Pierre-Webster)
2. Invictus Athletics Club (Dana Sherwood, Nike Abiodun, Jordyn Waters, Lyric Sargeant)
3. University of Toronto TC (Zelia Mouana, Beatrix Maddocks, Georgia Parshuram, Rebecca Leuty)

U16 Boys Finals:
1. Mississauga Olympians Track and Field Club (Jalon Rose, Isaiah Luke, Jadon Rose, David Hurst Jr)
2. The Gazelles (Joshua Villegas, Shavaughn Brown, Kidane Hyman, Tyreak Holgate)

U18 Boys Finals:
1. University of Toronto TC (Seif Nassar, Philip Peter Virdo, Lukas Urban, Jean Claud Lanvu Matus)
2. Brockville Legion Track Club (Zachary Bowness, Tanner Gibson, Ata Yilmaz, Jackson Charman)
3. Invictus Athletics Club (Nils Diederik, Mateaus Machado, Daniel Hernandez, Nathan Pineda)

U20 Men’s Finals:
1. University of Toronto TC (Jared Hall, Sam Hall, Jake Leung, Dylan Stehlik)
2. Invictus Athletics Club (Adam Exley, Nathan Pineda, Miguel Robles Villarreal, Owen Read)
3. The Gazelles (Daniel Giddings, Kyron Maloney, Ben Jonah, Alvin Henry)

Open Men’s Finals:
1. Speed River TFC (Timothy Wang, Liam Wilson, Adam Angerilli, Zachary Murch)

U20 Women’s Finals:
1. Laurel Creek Track and Field Club (MacKenzie Morgan, Amelia Matthews, Eliza Smith, Elise McDonald)
2. London Legion Track and Field Club (Sydney Sollen, Madleyn Bullock, Mikenna Vanderheyden, Brooke Overholt)

U18 Boy’s Finals:
1. Brockville Legion Track and Field Club (Zachary Bowness, Benayo Olak, Wyatt Knapp, Jackson Charman)

U20 Men’s Finals:
1. University of Toronto TC (Sam Hall, Jake Leung, Dylan Stehlik, Alanzo Ryan)
2. Invictus Athletics Club (Adam Exley, Nathan Pineda, Miguel Robles Villarreal, Owen Read)

Open Men’s Finals:


U14 Girls Finals:
1. Saugeen Track and Field Club (Grace Wheeler, Brooklyn Quanz, Jasmine Broere, Claire Rands)

U18 Girls Finals:
1. The Gazelles (Cassandra Williamson, Krissy Petrou, Andriana Erotocritou, Aleeya Hutchins)
2. Saugeen Track and Field Club (Emily Bryce, Samara Quanz, Naomi Herman, Brooke Jez)
2. University of Toronto TC (Abigail McIntosh, Myles Cassell, Marie Bontin, Julia Bontin)

U20 Women’s Finals:
1. Laurel Creek Track and Field Club (Tegan Morrison, Amelia Matthews, Abbey Yuhasz, Elise McDonald)

U16 Boys Finals:
1. Toronto West Athletics (Roman Mironov, Avery Li, Julian Zamparo, Aiden Webster)

U20 Boys Finals:
1. The Gazelles (Sam Frotten, Nikhil Lew, Quaid Reynold, Nathan Meraw)

Sprint Medley Relay (2-2-4-8):
U18 Girls Finals:
1. The Gazelles (Jasmine Kidd, Trinity Miller, Cassandra Williamson, Aleeya Hutchins)
2. Laurel Creek Track and Field Club (Elizabeth Klosa, Ashlyn Gilhula, Amelia Matthews, Tegan Morrison)
3. London Western T.F.C. (Taylor Pranger, Jadyn Luna, Sabrena Small, Clarissa Sladek)

U20 Girls Finals:
1. University of Toronto TC (Mikayla Moffett, Georgia Parshuram, Maya Ryan, Beatrix Maddocks)
2. London Legion Track and Field Club (Ireland Crowther, Brooke Overholt, Madleyn Bullock, Mikenna Vanderheyden)
3. Laurel Creek Track and Field Club (Divian Ogor, Elise McDonald, Eliza Smith, MacKenzie Morgan)

U18 Boys Finals:
1. University of Toronto TC (Jared Hall, Noah Dayton, Jean-Claude Lanvu Mateus, Emmett Hickey)
2. Saugeen Track and Field Club (Ryan Renaud, Ryan Caughy, Daniel Khan, Matthew Donnelly)
3. South Simcoe Dufferin TFC (Marcus Tantakoun, Dillinger Long, Charles Crompton, Taylor Derlis)

U20 Boys Finals:
1. University of Toronto TC (Sam Hall, Dylan Stehlik, Jake Leung, Alanzo Ryan)

Combined Events Results


U14 Girls Results:
1. Elise Sawyer, 2,032 points – AO Indoor Record
2. Arienne Birch, 1,632 points
3. Erika Lealass, 1,259 points – AO Indoor Record

U16 Girls Results:
1. Izzy Goudros, 2,724 points
2. Hailey Reid, 2,389 points
3. Lily Francis, 2,081 points

U14 Boys Results:
1. Treyton Webb, 1,053 points – AO Indoor Record
2. Preston Collins, 777 points
3. Lincoln Collins, 447 points

U16 Boys Results:
1. Mark Skerl, 1,354 points
2. Marcus Kanhai, 998 points


U18 Girls Results:
1. Emma Hendriksen, 3,119 points
2. Emma Skipp, 2,750 points
3. Ireland Crowther, 2,758 points

U20 Women’s Results:
1. Tess Verhoeven, 2,413 points
2. Yazmin Olla, 2,177 points

U18 Boys Results:
1. Caleb Timm, 2,980 points
2. Owen McDonald, 2,892 points
3. Judson Moorhouse, 2,556 points

U20 Men’s Results:
1. Adam Lee, 3,226 points
2. Austin McLeod, 3,171 points
3. Joshua Mather, 3,009 points

Open Men’s Results:
1. Shawn Beaudoin, 3,521 points
2. Jared Hendricks-Polack, 2,916 points

Overall Indoor Team Standings:

  1. University of Toronto T.C. – 72 points
  2. London Western T.F.C. – 51 points
  3. Invictus Athletics Club – 37 points
  4. The Gazelles – 37 points
  5. Laurel Creek Track and Field Club – 34 points
  6. Monte Cristo Track Club – 31 points
  7. London Legion Track and Field Club – 27 points
  8. Saugeen Track and Field Club – 22 points
  9. Brockville Legion Track Club – 18 points
  10. Speed River Track and Field Club – 14 points

Post-Event Survey

We want to hear from you! Did you attend? Were you satisfied with the way the weekend was run? Yes or no, we want your feedback. Click here to fill out the survey, it will be available until January 29th at 12:00 PM EST.


AO Midget Dual Coaching Staff

We are excited to announce the five selected coaches for the Midget Dual Meet, taking place on February 17, 2018. Each of these coaches was particularly selected based on experience and qualifications. The coaches are as follows:

Head Coach: Darl Sutherland, Sir Sandford Fleming College

Sprints Coach: Tom Bereza, Monte Cristo Track Club

Throws Coach: Laura Sivers, Brockville Legion Track and Field Club

Jumps Coach: Chris Timm, Laurel Creek Track Club

Endurance Coach: Brian Hilbers, Saugeen Track and Field Club

Congratulations coaches, we look forward to watching you coach Team Ontario in the meet!


2017-18 Quest for Gold Applications Now Open!

2017-18 Quest for Gold Applications Now Open!

Notice: Athletics Ontario is pleased to announce that we will now be accepting Quest for Gold Applications for the upcoming season.  Applications will be accepted until February 2nd at 11:59 PM ET and must be submitted to  We thank all athletes, coaches and parents for their patience.

Please note, any applications submitted before January 15th, 2018 MUST be re-submitted using final posted criteria.

2017-18 Athletics Ontario Quest for Gold – Final Criteria


Athletics Ontario Quest for Gold Committee


AO Indoor Championship Series Meet #1 – Event Preview

This weekend, Athletics Ontario will be hosting the first Indoor event of the season at the Toronto Track and Field Centre. With more than 700 entries, we are extremely excited to kick off the new year with a great event.

NOTE: The performance list has been changed and published to the Championship page. Please review it and ensure that your athletes are listed for the correct age groups and events. Additionally, you can view the schedule and technical package on the Championship page.

You can access live results throughout the Championship using this link, which you will also be able to find on our homepage.

Reminder: Those who wish to compete on the Midget Dual Team MUST declare their intent via the declaration form. You can click here to view the athlete selection criteria.

WEATHER WARNING: A substantial snowstorm is expected to hit the GTA and most of Southern Ontario this weekend. The plan is to have the meet follow the Final Schedule, which will be posted on Thursday, however, the meet may be delayed if weather and road conditions are extreme and greatly affect travel times. Please make the appropriate arrangements and precautions to arrive safely. Please check the Athletics Ontario website for important updates.

We have so many talented athletes registered to attend, here are a few to watch:


  • Skyy Diop, The Gazelles
    • Gold in 2017 AO Combined Events and Prep Meet – Women’s Open 400m (Time: 57:02)
    • Silver in 2017 AO Indoor BMJ Championships – 200m (Time: 25.27)
    • Bronze at 2017 OFSAA T&F Championships – 400m (Time: 55:01)

Distance Runners:

  • Aysia Maurice, 310 Running
    • AO Indoor record holder, 2000m, 6:48:83
    • 3 gold medals at 2017 AO BMY Championship (1200m, 4x800m, 1500m SC)
    • 2017 AO Top Bantam Female Distance Runner


  • Pierce Lepage, Unattached
    • AO Outdoor record holder, decathlon, 7,179 points
    • Gold in Canadian Track and Field Senior Men’s Decathlon – 7,948 points
    • Gold in AO Youth Senior Championship – Pole Vault (4.70m)
    • Bronze in AO Youth Senior Championship – Shotput (13.79m)
    • Nominated to Athletics Canada’s 2018 Commonwealth Games Team
  • Aaron Paynter, Etobicoke Track and Field Club
    • Gold in AO Youth Junior Senior Championship – 200m (Time: 23.04)
    • Silver in AO Youth Junior Senior Championship – Long Jump (6.25m)
    • Gold medal contender for this weekend’s event


  • Brittany Crew, SISU Throws
  • AO Indoor Record Holder – Shotput, 17.93m
  • AO Outdoor Record Holder – Shotput, 17.27m
  • Pending Athletics Canada Outdoor Record Holder – Shotput, 18.58m
  • Nominated to Athletics Canada’s 2018 Commonwealth Games Team
  • Josh Linington, Brantford Track and Field Club
    • Set AO Indoor record last year at Relay Championship – Midget Weight Throw (15.68m)

Combined Events Athletes:

  • Jillian Catton, Brampton Track Club Inc.
    • AO Outdoor Record Holder, tetrathlon, 1,769 points
    • 2017 AO Top Midget Female Jumper
  • Izzy Goudros, Unattached
    • AO Indoor record holder, tetrathlon, 2,573 points
    • 2017 AO Top Midget Female Combined Events athlete
  • Brooke Overholt, London Legion Track and Field Club
    • Gold in AO Outdoor BMY Championship – 100m Hurdles (Time: 13.77)
    • Silver in OFSAA Track and Field Championships – 400m Hurdles (Time: 1:02:46)
    • 4th in AO Indoor Combined Events Championships and Prep – Youth Pentathlon (2,759 points)
In addition to these individuals, we have 56 relay teams entered to compete across the 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m and the sprint medley relay.
NOTE: The sprint medley relay will be run in the following order: 2-2-4-8

If you are interested, click here to view the records list on our website.


Athletics Manitoba HIRING: Executive Director

Athletics Manitoba is seeking a new Executive Director. This position is multi-faceted and will focus on building capacity and effectively delivering programs throughout the province.

Athletics Manitoba is a provincial sport organization that promotes performance excellence, the long-term development of Athletics in Manitoba, and sport for life. We are a volunteer-driven, Athletics-focused, not-for-profit organization that operates under the umbrella of Sport Manitoba. Athletics Manitoba programs are supported and delivered in all seven regions of Manitoba.

View Full Job Description

Conflict of Interest
The Athletics Manitoba Executive Director Selection Committee invites all interested and qualified candidates to apply. However, should the successful candidate be a coach of athletes who are receiving or eligible for funding or hold a senior leadership position within a track club, those conflicts will require resolution before the successful candidate can officially begin in their role as Athletics Manitoba Executive Director.

Salary Range: $55,000 – $60,000

Submission of Applications The deadline for applications is January 15, 2018; 4:30 pm CST. Interested candidates are asked to forward a resume and cover letter detailing their suitability for the position to Grant Mitchell, President, Athletics Manitoba.

Applications will be accepted by email:, or mail:
Athletics Manitoba ED Search
Athletics Manitoba
145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB
R3B 2Z6


2018 AO Indoor Championship Series Meet #1

Our first meet of 2018 is coming up! At the Toronto Track and Field Centre on January 13-14, we’re hosting the Combined Events and Relay Championship and Trials for the Ontario vs Quebec U16 Team. The deadline to register for the event is Monday January 8, 2018.


For all up to date information including links to the technical package, schedule and registration, please click here.



AO Indoor Championship Series Meet #1 Relay Team Challenge

We’re offering relay teams the chance to receive reimbursement for our AO Indoor Championship Series Meet #1.

The winning team’s photo will result in their Club being reimbursed for One Relay Team Entry, of $35.00, as well, they will receive a set of four (4) AO buffs and sleeves. Four (4) athletes from the same club, registered to a relay team for the Championship, must be in the photo (wearing identical club tops/singlets). All four (4) athletes must also be registered with Athletics Ontario for the 2018 season to be eligible. Athletes must also tag Athletics Ontario (@athleticsont) in the post and include these two hashtags: #AOIndoors and #AORelays.

We are extending the deadline to submit photos to Saturday January 13, 2018. We will take submissions on both Facebook and Instagram, and the top submission will be selected and announced at the Championship on Sunday January 14, 2018.

Teams do not have to be present to win the contest, we will contact the winning team/Club providing we can determine which club the team is from in their photo.


Athletics Canada Hiring Para Performance Lead

Athletics Canada’s High Performance Department is seeking to recruit for the new position of Para Performance Lead.

The Para Performance Lead (PPL) is an important senior role, the successful candidate will lead the Athletics Canada’s High Performance Para program based on our High Performance Plan.  The PPL’s primary aim will be more Canadians winning IPC World Championships and Paralympic Games medals.

If you are interested in applying for this role please see the postings on Athletics Canada’s web site:



Feel free to pass these links on to anyone who you think may be interested.

Note the closing date for applications is January 12, 2018.


Speed River TFC is HIRING – Full-time Endurance Coach

Job Posting: Endurance Coach, Full-Time

Reports to: Board of Directors, SRTFC/Intercollegiate Office, University of Guelph

Location: Guelph, Ontario

Application Deadline: January 26, 2018

Job Description
The Speed River Endurance Coach will play a significant role in the growth and operation of both the club and the University of Guelph Gryphons varsity endurance program, encompassing senior age athletes from 800m to marathon at the collegiate to international level of ability. The coach will work in close collaboration in support of the Head Coach, with direct oversight of a significant pool of athletes. This is a senior position and the successful candidate will be a strong-willed and independent thinker with a clear vision, who operates smoothly within a highly functional team which includes full time management, medical/para-medical support, facility access, and strong institutional and club backing.

About Speed River TFC Ltd

Speed River is one of Canada’s premiere athletics clubs, with over 30 national team athletes and over 200 members. In addition to an emphasis on elite athletics, Speed River is a community leader in youth sport, event hosting, and program building. The club is driven by a creative and harmonious staff of professional coaches, medical and paramedical practitioners and scientists, with a high value placed on creativity and team-ship.

To Apply:

You can find more information about the job and how to apply here.


Athletics Ontario Race Directors Summit

On Saturday January 20th, 2018, the Ontario Roadrunners of Athletics Ontario will be hosting a Race Directors Summit at Acme Works, in Toronto.

Register: click here

The schedule for the day will be as follows:


7:00 am: Optional group run (Details TBA), post run snacks

8:45 am – 9:00 am: Registration

9:00 am – 9:15 am: Welcome

Emcee: Steve Fleck

Steve Fleck – (Race and Event Announcer) 

Steve Fleck is one of the leading Endurance Sports Race/Event Announcers in North America. Each year he is on the Microphone at over 35 running, cycling and triathlon races. He’s also an in-demand Commentator in the fast growing Live Streaming Sports webcasting business, for running, and cycling races – working closely with both Athletics Canada and Cycling Canada in this area. He’s been involved in running, triathlon and cycling in one way or another since his mid-teens, as a participant/competitor and in business. He lives in Aurora, Ontario with his wife, and their dog Gravy!

9:15 am – 10:00 am:

Topic: Building a Medical Infrastructure- from Budget to Deployment

Chris Troyanos, ATC  (Boston Marathon Medical Coordinator) Executive Director International Institute for Race Medicine

Founder and President of Sports Medicine Consultants, Chris Troyanos is a successful entrepreneur who has served as the Medical Director and Coordinator for a number of large-scale athletic events. As the Medical Coordinator to the Boston Athletic Association, he has been the architect for the Boston Marathon medical program for the past 30 years.

He has over 30 years of experience when it comes to the medical care, logistics, and public safety needs for several endurance events. He is a sought-after lecturer on the subject of health care for large-scale athletic events, and has extensive experience working with local, state and federal agencies as it relates to mass casualty concerns for major marathons.

He has been the primary liaison to the various cities and towns supporting the Boston Marathon medical needs.  His ability to bring people together and forge relationships has truly allowed many competing agencies to act as one during this historic marathon.

Chris has also taken on the role of Executive Director for the International Institute for Race Medicine.  He leads an international group of medical directors that are working to improve the safety for all road race participants.

Dr. Lowell Greib MSc ND CISSN

Dr. Lowell Greib is the CEO of The SportLab – a sports medicine clinic committed to improving sport performance of athletes and active individuals through the delivery of Sport Therapy and Sport Nutrition.

With almost 30 years of in emergency services, Dr. Greib is positioned uniquely in sporting event medicine with his background in communications, medical delivery, and sport participation. Prior to his medical training, Dr. Greib held a position as an ACO with Central Ambulance Communications Centers. Here, he had the opportunity to acquire hands on experience in the management and coordination of communications for mass-gathering events and planning for catastrophic incidents.

Dr. Greib received his medical diploma at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where he founded and supervised the Sports Medicine program. To this day, hands-on, field medicine opportunities with Dr. Greib are part of the clinical training of these professionals.

Over the past decade, Dr. Greib has coordinated and planned medical logistics and delivery in numerous sporting events, including the Toronto Marathon and The Limberlost Challenge.

Lowell is also a competitive masters marathon runner, holds a sub-3 hour PR and has raced the Boston Marathon twice.

10:00 am – 10:45 am:
Topic: Event Risk Management (broad scope), Post event management follow up
Jason E. Robinson, Associate (Sport Law & Strategy Group)

Jason Robinson is an Associate with the Sport Law & Strategy Group, specializing in event risk management and sponsorship. He is well-known for hosting world-class events with a strong focus on attention to detail and a safe participant experience. Examples include various professional sport events as well as the 24 Hours of Adrenalin Mountain Bike Racing Series, the 2013 World U23 Ultimate Championships, and the 2017 Men’s U23 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships. Jason has previously conducted an event risk management audit for MEC running races and he recently attended the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon as a guest risk observer – you can read his blog about it here. Jason is an experienced race runner and former cross country champion. You can contact Jason at and follow him on Twitter @sportarchitect

10:45 am – 11:00 am: Break

11:00 am – 11:30 am:          

Topic: Creating partnerships and event sponsorship

Kris Mychasiw, Montreal

Kris Mychasiw is the managing partner at Sprint Management, a Montreal based sports marketing and management organization. Over his 15 year tenure with the company, he has brought more than 10 million dollars in endorsements for athletes and sports properties in Canada.  He is well known for his outside of the box thinking to create value for partners and clients and has been one of the driving forces behind commercializing the Beer Mile.

Further to his work with Sprint, Kris is also the Executive Director of the Bruny Surin Foundation, where he also serves as Race Director for Le Demi-Marathon Oasis de Blainville, a family-based Halloween-themed road race on October 28th. If you like to stay involved in the latest sports & business gossip, follow me on Twitter @Mychasiw

11:30 am – 12:15 pm:

Topic: Effective event marketing and social media outreach 

Alex Vander Hoeven (Race Roster, Toronto)

12:15 pm – 1:00 pm:


1:00 pm – 1:30 pm:              

Topic:Case Study for your best practices to grow your event

Peter Donato – (My Next Race, Road Race Results, Good Times Running)

Peter has been an active runner, volunteer and Race Promoter for 15 years and was one of the first employees at the Canada Running Series.  He started All Sports Marketing out of a friend’s garage in 2003 and never looked back.  Today he is the owner and operator of both and Road Race and decided six years ago to try his hand at the title Race Director, which includes the brand Good Times Running Inc.  His topic will focus on Small Races (under 1000 attendees) that want to think like Big Races, and he’ll share some tips and suggestions on how to make the transition from a small, local race to a larger, regionally successful event.

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm: 

(Breakout Trail Event logistics)  TBA

1:30 pm – 2:15 pm:

Topics: “Challenging” Traditional Road Racing: New Markets & Opportunities. 

Using examples from Canada Army Run’s new distance challenges, this open discussion focuses on creating unique experiences around your event, and how to engage with a new type of participant.

Jeff Moyle (Army Run, Ottawa)

Jeff Moyle is the Deputy Race Director of Canada Army Run. Bringing 15 years of personal running experience to the sport, he works to bring experiences that he wants to see as a runner first. He created the Barrie Half Marathon, and has worked alongside races of all types, ranging from triathlons to OCR’s.

2:15 pm – 3:00 pm:  

Topic: Absolute essential components of race management

Charlotte Brookes, (Race Director – Canada Running Series)

Since 2012, Charlotte Brookes has been the Event Director for the Canada Running Series. She is responsible for organizing and managing the entire event for the 5 CRS East races, which include the IAAF Gold Label Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. To successfully manage the event, her main focus and role on race day is Emergency Management, Crisis Communication and Event Dispatchers through their Event Command Centres.  Most recently, she received the Industry Leader Under 40 Award from the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security at the National Sports Safety Conference in July 2017.

Alan Brookes (Race Director – Canada Running Series)

Alan Brookes first organized a race in 1983 while he was a history professor at the University of Guelph. In 1987, he began to pursue a full-time career as a race director. Alan was also a competitive club runner in his own right, with a best time of 2:34 for a full marathon.

In 1990, he founded the Coors Light Running Series, a six-pack of races in Downtown Toronto combining international-class athletics with community fundraising. In 1999, events in Vancouver and Montreal were added to form the Canada Running Series/Circuit du Canada. The series finale, the Coors Light Toronto Half-Marathon, eventually evolved into the prestigious International Association of Athletics Federations Gold Label Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and Half-Marathon, attracting 26,000 runners annually. In 2015, he and his team, were commissioned to organize the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games marathons and race walks. In 2016 he was inducted into the Toronto Sport Hall of Honour as a builder.

Alan’s driving mission is “building community through running,” a principle he implements through the twin pillars of organization and innovation. Alan is a tireless champion of distance running and a committed community worker.

3:00 pm – 3:15 pm: Break

3:15 pm – 3:45 pm:

Topic: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Erin Roza (Volunteer and Charity Program Manager – Canada Running Series)

Erin has been managing volunteers in the arts, sports, and recreation industries for over 10 years, the last four and a half with Canada Running Series. Her focus has been on the volunteer experience, not only meeting but exceeding their expectations, providing more than just “hours,” and creating a volunteer community. Erin will lead a discussion on strategies for successful recruitment and retention.

3:45 pm – 4:15 pm: 

Topic: AC/AO the growing involvement in providing key resources to the entire running community including road and trail races, participants and race directors.

John Lofranco (Athletics Canada, Montreal),

Sheryl Preston (Road Running Coordinator, Athletics Ontario)

Ross Ste-Croix (Executive Director, Athletics Ontario)

4:15 pm – ~5:00 pm:

Open Discussion/forum


~5:00 pm – 7:00 pm:

“Continue the discussion” over a cocktail, or two.


VenueAcme Works
229 Niagara Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2L5

Ample parking will be available, some is free and some is paid.

Price: $75 (Before January 1st)
$85 (After January 1st, 2018)

Price includes:
– Optional morning group run
– Morning snacks
– Full lunch
– Afternoon snacks
– Cocktail hour

Updates will also be provided in the Facebook event.

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