Athletics Ontario Board of Directors:

Presented at the 2016 Annual General Meeting was a slate of nominees, evaluated and presented by the Nominations Committee. The nominations added 4 new members; creating a total of 10 Board Members.

The Board of Directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of the organization.

The Board’s activities and responsibilities vary and are indicated in the AO bylaws.

CHAIR Lisa Ferdinand Two-Year (2015-2017)
VICE-CHAIR Dean Hustwick Two-Year (2016-2018)
SECRETARY Joanne Davidson One-Year (2016-2017)*Bd Apt
DIRECTOR Chadi Azzi Two-Year (2015-2017)
DIRECTOR Sarah Boyle Two-Year (2015-2017)
DIRECTOR Anna Ciesielski Two-Year (2015-2017)
DIRECTOR Nicole Clarke Two-Year (2016-2018)
DIRECTOR John Stevenson Two-Year (2015-2017)
DIRECTOR Erik Wachman Two-Year (2015-2017)