Equipment Rental

Athletics Ontario has track and field and event hosting equipment ready to be rented for your athletics competitions and/or events.

  • Rental Agreement: a new rental agreement form and process is available here.
  • Rental Costs: Members will get preferential rental costs; a short breakdown of the rental costs for implements is as follows:
    • $5 per implement
    • Package: 10 – 20 implements for $50 (members), $75 (non-members)
    • Package: 20+ implements for $70 (members, $95 (non-members)
  • Available Equipment: a complete list/ catalogue of available implements/ equipment available for rental can be found here.

Important – Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement – Please read before signing.

It is understood that the Renting party is responsible for the following:

  • Return of the equipment in the same condition as when it was rented.
  • Any damage to the equipment other than that caused by normal use is the responsibility of the renting party.
  • Any charges for the repair and/or replacement of the equipment shall be charged back to the renting party.
  • The renting party is responsible for the proper assembly and use of the equipment and is liable for any damages or injury caused by the improper assembly and use of the equipment to the athletes, officials, volunteers or spectators.
  • Renters Must Carry Liability Insurance – Minimum of $5 Million.
  • If Athletics Ontario is not providing the Liability Insurance, then Athletics Ontario must be named as an additional Insured for the purpose of the Competition/Event for which the equipment is being used. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance naming Athletics Ontario must be sent to Athletics Ontario prior to rental period. Fax to: 416-426-7358 / Email: or deliver to: Athletics Ontario, 3 Concorde Gate, Suite 211, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3N7