Year of Birth: 1952

Category: Athlete

Year of Induction: 2019



Key Contributions:

Hugh Fraser is one of our most decorated Canadian track athletes. Starting in 1971, Fraser won the Bobby Kerr Memorial Award, which recognizes the most outstanding junior athlete in Ontario. From there, Fraser was a National team sprinter from 1971-78 and was a member of the 1975 Pan Am Games team, 1976 Olympic team, and the 1978 Commonwealth Games team. In 1975, Fraser was ranked the #15 track athlete in the world. He has been a recipient of the ‘Canada 125 Medal’, as well as the ‘Her Majesty the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal’, and also received a bronze medal in the 1975 Pan Am Games, as a member of the 4×100 relay team. Fraser is the winner of 13 National Championship events and still holds the National 300-yard record.

Upon retirement from the game as an athlete, Fraser continued to stay involved in the Track and Field community. He was the Director for the CTFA in 1981-83, President of the Sports Federation of Canada from 1985-1990, and President of the Commonwealth Games association from 1992-94, among many other crucial roles intertwined in the track and field community. Currently, Fraser is a Lawyer and a Provincial court judge in Ottawa, and continues to work with the council for ethics in sport, where he attends major games including the Rio Olympics, where he would deal with any sort of legal issue regarding drug testing.

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