Name: Patrick Ryall
Nickname: Pat
Hometown: Wasaga Beach
Day job or school or other: Elmvale District High School (EDHS), Dairy Queen
Involvement in athletics (athlete, coach, official) and event: Athlete-throws discus, hammer, weight throw, shot put
Other hobby: Guitar
Favorite athlete/ superhero: Superman
Favorite piece of equipment/ clothing: Sweatpants
What shoes you train in/ compete in: Nike
Social media handles: Twitter: @patrick_ryall
Facebook: Patrick Ryall
A lot of people often describe me as a bull in a China shop. I put all my effort into whatever sport I am doing.  Finesse is not my strongest point, which is at odds with my love of throwing which is highly technical and demands attention to the smallest details.  But…. I do get to throw heavy things far!

Playing sports has been a big part of my life.  I am a multi-sport athlete who has competed in basketball, cross country skiing as well as throwing in track in field.  I have been to OFSAA every year in my high school career and am looking to improve on my previous best performance of 4th(x2) and medal in my final year.  My best event though is the hammer which is not a high school event in Ontario.  As a first year Junior and moving up to the heavier weights I am focusing on my technique.  In my down time I play guitar, workout and I’m always up for some random adventure.

Throwing has expanded my contacts, friends and opportunities and I hope to be doing this until I can’t do it anything anymore.  Seeing what the Masters athletes do – I will be at this for a long time.