Only performances achieved at AO sanctioned/approved meets will be entered into the rankings. Competitions outside of Canada may be accepted if it is sanctioned by their local federation. Athletes must be Athletics Ontario members at the time of their performance in order to have their performance added into the rankings. For any corrections or additions to the rankings please email


Athletics Ontario Current Outdoor Rankings

as of September 19, 2017

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Sprints Illegal Wind or NWI Distance
80m 80m 600m
100m 100m 800m
150m 150m 1000m
200m 200m 1200m
300m 1500m
400m 2000m
Sprint Hurdles Sprint Hurdles 3000m
Intermediate Hurdles 5000m
Combined Events Walk
Jumps Illegal Wind or NWI Throws
Long Jump Long Jump Shot Put
Triple Jump Triple Jump Discus
High Jump Hammer
Pole Vault Javelin



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2012 Indoor



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