Name: Richard Parkinson
Hometown: Stouffville, Ontario
Day job or school or other: Corporate Marketing Executive on sabbatical in order to coach full-time during Olympic Year
Involvement in athletics (athlete, coach, official) and event: IAAF Level 5 Elite Throws Coach
Member of ChPC
Throws Coach for:
1. York Varsity Lions & YUTC
2. Athletics Canada National Team Event Coach
Other hobby: Labrador Retrievers, Golf, Cottage,
Favorite athlete/ superhero: Janis Lusis, Javelin thrower
Favourite piece of equipment/ clothing: Taylor Made Golf Clubs
What shoes you train in/ compete in: Asics
Social media handles (if you would like them shared on our website and email releases): Twitter: @YUThrows
200 word blurb about you (a quick fun piece on your involvement in athletics and your life outside of it):

By day, an award winning marketing executive who has successfully revitalized numerous tired old brands into household brands of today; but by night and every other waking moment, a throws enthusiasts who spends countless of hours satisfying and fuelling the addiction to throwing things very far.

Married to the beautiful and talented CTV Toronto’s weekend news anchor Andria Case; who sadly understands this disease / addiction that I suffer from and openly supports it in a variety of ways including; opening up her home to a variety of athletes from across the country and globe who also suffer from this same affliction.