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Grading System Criteria, Effective Nov 1, 1990

Feature Class A Race Class A+ Race Class AAA Race
Level 1 – SAFETY
Medical Facilities St. John Ambulance trained, or equivalent, in attendance St. John Ambulance personnel, or equivalent, in attendance As for Class A+, PLUS a qualified physician supervising a finish line First Aid Station
Water Stations Start and Finish, PLUSEvery 5Km./3Mi. for winter races. Minimum of one water station on course, preferably 1/2 way, for races 5Km./3Mi. or longer

Every 3Km./2Mi. for summer races (April 21 to Sept. 21)

As for Class A As for Class A, PLUSElectrolyte fluid to be available at least every 10Km./6Mi. for races 30Km./18Mi. and over during the summer (April 21 to Sept. 21)
Traffic Control & Marshalling (of cars, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.) Traffic controlled at all intersections and parking lots in use that have access to the course As for Class A, PLUSTraffic cones at major intersections

Intersections with traffic lights to be controlled by police

Lead vehicle with face official on board

As for Class A+, PLUSAt least one lane of the entire course completely closed to ALL traffic

Traffic cones along the entire route, except where the entire roadway is closed to traffic

Level 2 – ACCURACY
Course Measurement Measured by car or bicycle odometer Measured by Jones Wheel Counter Measurement Certified as accurate by the ORA, Athletics Ontario or Athletics Canada. Or course surveyed by an Ontario Land Surveyor. Or course measured by a Level III Measurer or higher.
Distance Markers 1 significant distance (see Note 6) At 1 Km./Mi., plus every 5Km./3Mi.Distance markers clearly visible to runners and accurately placed. As for Class A+, PLUS every 1Km./Mi.
Split Times 1 significant distance (see Note 6), called out clearly and audibly. As for Class A, PLUS at least 1 additional significant split for races longer than 5Km./3Mi., one of which must be 1Km./1Mi. As for Class A+, PLUSEvery 5Km./3Mi.

Clearly visible digital display clock at finish line.

Level 3 – RESULTS
Results Time and position for all runners posted within 1 hour of last finisher.Full results sent to AO office within 1 week of race. As for Class A, PLUS full written results mailed to runners on request (An extra charge may be collected to cover the cost of printing and mailing.) As for Class A+
Awards 1st Male, 1st Female overall 1st Male and Female in: Open, Junior and Masters categories As for Class A+
Road Race Quality Check Forms Made easily available to all runners. As for Class A As for Class A, PLUS completed forms collected after race and returned to the AO office with race results. (Forms must be turned over to AO representative at race, if one in attendance)
Other Start race on time As for Class A, PLUSBaggage check area available

At least 1 men’s and 1 women’s washroom/portable available per 100 runners.

Course map printed on the race entry form.

As for Class A+, PLUSPreviously run on the same course within the last 2 years (see Note 7).

Previously accredited within the last 2 years (see Note 5).


  1. Class AAA races is liable to be dropped to Class A+ in following year for failing to fulfill ANY Requirement.
  2. Class A+ races is liable to be dropped to Class A in following year for failing to fulfill ANY Level 1 Requirement, or a total of any two of Level 2 or Level 3 Requirements.
  3. Any race failing the same Requirement two years in a row is liable not to be accredited the following year.
  4. Any race making its entry form available to the public prior to accreditation is liable not to be accredited.
  5. Previously unaccredited (but previously run) races may qualify for Class AAA by meeting additional qualifications. Contact the Director, Road Race Services, for details.
  6. A significant distance is an intermediate distance at which runners might reasonably expect a split time to be called or a distance marker placed, depending on the course length. Contact the Director, Road Race Services, if you have any doubts.
  7. A Class AAA race may maintain a Class AAA rating, even though the course changes, provided the majority of the Race Committee members responsible for the race remain the same.