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Did you know?

There is a “critical period” of motor skills development in youth that if missed will limit a child’s athletic potential for the rest of his/her life. For girls this window of opportunity is 8-11 years of age and for boys it is 9-12 years of age.

The skills of running, jumping, and throwing form the basis of all land based sport and as such, RJT is a foundation program from which all youth can benefit.

Girls are often introduced later than boys to the basic skills needed to excel in sport.

RJTW is:

  • Inclusive for all abilities and maturational stages
  • Broad based and progressive
  • Gender equitable
  • Adaptive to children/youth with disabilities

RJTW stresses:

  • Skills of RUNNING,JUMPING and THROWING in age appropriate sequential progressions
  • FUN in a SAFE and ACTIVE learning environment
  • Improvement in physical and emotional well being
  • Equal opportunities for girls and boys

RJTW is safe, fun, fair and inclusive.

RJTW promotes team building while also celebrating individual performance and effort.

Teachers, parents and high school leaders can all be RJTW instructors.

RJT’s FUNdamental skills program is well-suited for children/youth with physical and intellectual disabilities.

RJTW can provide a fun interactive environment for rehabilitation.

RJTW skills benefit family activities like skiing, cycling and tennis, and can serve as an introduction to sports opportunities often not considered an option for children/youth with a disability.

RJTW trained Leaders can demonstrate skills and talk to groups about their experiences to show that RJTW not only builds healthy bodies but improves self-esteem and lives.

RJTW can be delivered as an afterschool track and field program with competitive opportunities, or as a unit within a physical education program.

For more information on Run Jump Throw Wheel or to arrange a course in your area, please contact Jim Catton at jimcatton@athleticsontario.ca or rjtw@athleticsontario.ca