Athletics Ontario prides itself on being able to provide our athletes the best opportunities to meet our athlete developmental plan.  Team Ontario provides athletes new, competitive opportunities for its athletes to gain the experience needed to compete on a National and International level.  Being chosen for a provincial team should be considered as an excellent achievement within a very competitive environment.


Athlete Testing & Talent ID

Athletics Ontario would like to invite athletes to participate in an Athlete Testing Workshop which will provide them with valuable and applicable information. Athletes will be put through a battery of field tests to assess balance, power, speed, coordination. Sessions will be broken up into days with day one focusing on our Espoir Aged Athletes (U23), and day two session focusing on our Midget and Bantam Aged athletes (U16) in preparation for the upcoming Ontario Summer Games taking place in London August 3-5, 2018.

Date: TBD 

Location: Toronto Track and Field Centre

Tests included (but not limited to):

  • Various functional movement patterns to evaluate strength/flexibility imbalances
  • Speed/Reactive testing
  • Event Specific Field testing
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • Recovery/Regeneration


Athletics Ontario athlete testing camp set for Sept 16 and 17th will be postponed until late fall.  Athletes are encouraged to continue to declare their intent.
Details to follow


Team Ontario Canada Summer Games: July 28 – August 13, 2017

The Jeux du Canada Games is a high-level multi-sport event held every four years in Canada.  Featuring 16 sports and over 250 events, and combined with a major cultural festival, the Canada Summer Games brings together exceptional athletes and artists from coast to coast to coast.  Athletes are strictly amateur only and often athletes first experience representing their province or territory in competition.  For many athletes Canada Summer Games is the stepping stone for the Pan Am Games or even the Olympics.

Visit our Canada Summer Games Team information page:


Team Ontario – Ontario vs Quebec Midget Dual Meet: Details to Come

Visit our Midget Team information page:

2018 Ontario Summer Games

The Ontario Games Program started in 1970 in Etobicoke as a showcase for amateur sport. They have now become Ontario’s largest multi-sport event, including both team and individual sports. U14 and U16 Ontario athletes qualify through a regional selection process and are then selected to an East vs West Team and compete to be crowned “Best in Ontario.”  For many athletes, this is their first team event and helps introduce a competitive experience to help with athlete development.

To provide bantam and midget-aged athletes appropriate Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) opportunities, AO has devised TeamO East vs. TeamO West for the 2018 Ontario Summer Games. Each team will consist of 50 athletes and each athlete will compete in two to three events (Heats and Timed finals).

These athletes will be presented with developmental opportunities including:
– Provincial and National Level Coaching
– Subject matter experts in areas such as: Nutrition discussions, recovery
– Learning to compete Opportunities: Mental preparation, visualization, team building

Cost: $90 per person (includes two nights accommodations + six meals)
Trials: Summer 2018 (Date TBD)
Location: TD Waterhouse Stadium,
University of Western Ontario,
London, ON

We will require 18 coaches to oversee these teams, and anyone interested should contact Kyle Smith, by email:, or by phone: (647) 352 7209

Long Term Athlete Development
Stage Five
: Train to Train
Ages: Bantam (U14) and Midget (U16)

In alliance with Sport Canada’s LTAD model, AO looks to provide athletes the opportunity to gain Provincial and National experience and exposure. Through the TeamO East vs. TeamO West provincial model, bantam and midget athletes will have the opportunity to compete against higher caliber athletes. This will further prepare athletes to represent Ontario at future Provincial and National Championships.

More information on attending/competing in the Games coming soon!

Listing of Events

Bantam                                                                                                        Midget Teams
Ontario Summer Games                                                                              Ontario vs. Quebec Midget Duel
Testing Camps                                                                                             Ontario Summer Games
Testing Camps

Youth                                                                                                           Junior/Seniors
Canada Summer Games                                                                             Canada Summer Games
Espoir Championships                                                                                 Espoir Championships
National XC Championships                                                                        National XC Championships
Training Camps                                                                                            Training Camps
Testing Camps                                                                                             Testing Camps


Questions: Please direct any questions to Kyle Smith, Coaching and Athlete Development Coordinator (