Volunteer Opportunity: Canada Summer Games Trials June 23-25

Volunteer Opportunity

Approximately 150 volunteers needed for the event taking place at the York Lions Stadium at York University.

Dates/Times for Volunteering: 
  • Friday June 23rd:   Start time 5:30pm; Depart time 9:30pm;
  • Saturday June 24th:   Start time 8:30am; Depart time 7:30 pm*
  • Sunday June 25th:   Start time 8:00am; Depart time 6:00 pm*
    *Some events may end earlier or later than anticipated, due to factors including inclement weather. Flexible shifts also available.

Please RSVP by email to volunteer@athleticsontario.ca or sign up at: http://athleticsontario.ca/volunteering/ or call or leave a message at 647-352-7211 if you are interested and available. Meet new friends and cheer on some of Canada’s future Olympians!