Revised: 2015-2016 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program Draft List of Ontario Card Nominations Announced

Revised: January 28, 2016

Announcement of Draft List of Ontario Card Nominations and Appeal Procedures

Athletics Ontario is pleased to announce a draft list of athletes and alternates who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2015-2016 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by Athletics Ontario, approved by its Board of Directors, and applied by (the) Selection Committee.

The final list will be confirmed Monday, February 29, 2016

Ranking First Name Last Name Male (M)/ Female (F) Discipline
(if applicable)
1 Xharia Santiago F 400H
2 Obeng Marfo F SP
3 Cyerra Cassell F HT
4 Jared Kerr M LJ
5 Robin Bone F PV
6 Evan Karakolis M JT
7 Taysia Radoslav F 400H
8 Taylor Sharpe F 400
9 Charlotte Prouse F 3000SC
10 Leya Bucahanan F 100
11 Nathaniel Mechler M Decathlon
12 Alexandra Lucki F 1500
13 Joshua Cunningham M 400m
14 Sarah Villani F Heptathlon
15 Leslie Sexton F Marathon
16 Daniel Brady M 400H
17 Corey Bellemore M 800
18 Jeremy Rae M 1500
19 Ross Proudfoot M 5000
20 Andre Forde-Azonwanna M 100
21 Maya Stephans F 100
22 Locky Butcher M 110mH
23 Charlotte Ward F 1500
24 Steve Nkusi M HJ
25 Khalil Parris M 400H
26 Mark Patton M 1500
27 Tameran Defreitas F 200
28 Eric Gillies M Marathon
29 Bailey Dell F JT
30 Kelsey Balkwill F 400H
31 Daniel Harper M 400
32 Sacha Smart M 800
33 Kristan Metcalfe F 400
34 Lindsay Brandys F 100
35 Alex Wilkie M 1500
36 Connor Darlington M 1500
37 Shermar Paul M 200
38 Ebhani Blackwood F 400
39 Shyvonne-Roberta Roxborough F 100
40 Gregory MacNeill M 110H
41 Jayden Kelly M 200
42 Charlotte Gardner F 800
43 Bella Efremenko F 400H
44 Bismark Boateng M 100
45 Sebastian Seville M 800
46 Pierce LePage M Decarhlon
47 Nick Falk M 1500
48 Karelle Edwards F 100H
49 Katrina Allison F 10000
50 Cody Pauli M 400mH
51 Tim Hendry-Gallaghar M SP
52 Nathan Hesman M 110H
53 Aaron Hendrikx M 10 000
Injury Cards
54 Heather Petrick F 5000
55 Alexia Lamothe F 100H
56 Devin Pinciaroli-Biocchi M 400m
Para Athletes
57 Madison Wilson-Walker F 200m
58 Rajvir Saini M DT
59 Thomas DesBrisay M 1500 (T20)

Please note that this list is unofficial and is subject to change pending the outcome of any appeals and/or any re-selection decisions made by the PSO/MSO Selection Committee or the Quest for Gold Appeals Committee.  As a consequence, this list should not be seen as final. 

Athletes who have not been nominated and who wish to appeal this decision can do so by following the process set out in the Selection Criteria document (download document on AO website here).

Downloadable Appeals Form