Name: Khamica Bingham

Nickname: Mica, Meeks

Hometown: Brampton
Day job or school or other: York University, Full-time Athlete
Involvement in athletics (athlete, coach, official) and event: Athlete, 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay
Other hobby: Take selfies, travelling, watching MTV shows/ Track/ Gymnastics, listening to music, talking on the phone
Favorite athlete/ superhero: Simone Biles, Gymnastics
Favorite piece of equipment/ clothing: Sports Bra
What shoes you train in/ compete in: Nike
Social media handles: Website:

Instagram: @khamicabingham

Twitter: @micabingham

Facebook Fan Page: Khamica Bingham

200 word blurb about you (a quick fun piece on your involvement in athletics and your life outside of it)


Khamica Bingham is the fastest woman in Canada, 2-time World Championship finalist and Pan Am bronze medalist. Her dream has always been to compete in the Olympic Games, but not originally for track and field. Bingham was a national gymnast, and her Olympic hopes were shattered after her parents struggled financially to keep her in the sport. She found sprinting exciting and thrilling as a child and knew it could be a new opportunity for her Olympic dream.

In 2015, Bingham had an exceptional year. She anchored the Women’s 4x100m relay at the World Relay Championships, finishing 4th by 0.01 of a second, earning Canada a spot in Rio. A few months later, she blazed to her first National 100m title, qualifying individually in the 100m and 200m for the Olympics as well. She was selected to be a part of the Pan Am Games team held in Toronto, and anchored the 4x100m relay to a bronze medal on home soil. With Rio around the corner, she has her eyes set on more international success while leaving her mark behind to inspire and help the younger generations.

Outside of Track, Bingham is a SERIOUS dog lover, she might try and steal yours! She is also an Aunty to her 10-month old nephew named Raylan, who she drives home quickly for to smother everyday. All her friends say she is super silly, always joking around and if she really likes you, she will annoy you out of love! Lastly, with her strong faith in God, Bingham loves reading her Joel Osteen book and the bible to keep her motivated, inspired and connected while working on her relationship with Christ, the one who gave her the talents and blessing to have the opportunity to live out her dream.