Melanie Chiu
Hometown: Toronto
Day job or school or other: Real Estate Broker
Involvement in athletics (athlete, coach, official) and event: Volunteer, Official ( Announcer) Former Athlete and All Canadian
Other hobby: Just love to spend time with my son
Favorite athlete/ superhero: I admire Silken Laumann
Favourite piece of equipment/ clothing: I love track tights & clothes – so comfortable
What shoes you train in/ compete in: Nike shoes and spikes
Social media handles: @Melanie_chiu


200 word blurb about you (a quick fun piece on your involvement in athletics and your life outside of it)

I’m a fan of Track and Field and all the aspects of it. From the competition to cheering in the stands. Before I was a ballet dancer until I realized how much I loved winning and competing in track and field. So, I quit dance and continued in Track and Field. Today my desire is to give back to those who helped me to get where I am today in my life. My hope is that someone will feel the same about people like us, and the difference that athletics and how its participants made an impact in their lives. Something funny about me…I’m a real nerd! I love shows like Just for Laughs, IT Crowd, Stargate and Vikings. And because I love it…, I also try to take a course every summer be it a language course, or something for my profession.