2018 Athletics Ontario All-Ontarians

We are proud to present the 2018 Athletics Ontario All-Ontarians. These athletes have been carefully chosen based on results and performances throughout the 2018 season. Along with your nominations, we have selected the top three athletes in each age group, gender, and event discipline. We want to extend congratulations to not only these athletes, but to all of our athletes who competed this season.

From this list, we will select the top male and female athletes in each age category, to be named Athlete of the Year. These selections will be announced and awarded at the Awards Gala. The All-Ontarians will be presented with certificates at the 2018 Awards Gala as well.

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Please see the athletes selected as follows:

Isaiah Luke Sprints/Hurdles Mississauga Olympians
Harley Medeiros Sprints/Hurdles Bullets Track Club
Roman Raydragan Sprints/Hurdles Etobicoke T.F.C.
Lucas Ellinas Distance Etobicoke T.F.C.
Noah Lodoen Distance Newmarket Huskies T.C.
Erik Unger Distance The Gazelles
Ashvin Balaramana Jumps United Tamil
Tyrese Gibson Jumps Thorold Elite T.C.
Amari N’Daw Jumps The Speed Academy
Lucas Jacklin Throws Saugeen T.F.C.
Harley Medeiros Throws Bullets Track Club
Owen Newell Throws Saugeen T.F.C.
Liam Miller Combined Events North Halton Stars
Jack Trott-McDermott Combined Events London Western T.F.C.
Charlize Fraser Sprints/Hurdles Bullets Track Club
Elle Riley Sprints/Hurdles Durham Dragons
Elise Sawyer Sprints/Hurdles Monte Cristo T.C.
Hannah McIntyre Distance London Legion T.F.C.
Lorelai Phinnemore Distance London Legion T.F.C.
Rianna Smuk Distance Toronto Olympic Club
Arienne Birch Jumps North Halton Stars
Brianna Vamos Jumps Brantford T.F.C.
Kristina Vincic Jumps Monte Cristo T.C.
Ana Maria Manousaridis Throws York University T.C.
Sophia Saldutto Throws Brantford T.F.C.
Lexi Stanat Throws St. Thomas Legion T.F.C.
Elise Sawyer Combined Events Monte Cristo T.C.
Arienne Birch Combined Events North Halton Stars
Jadon Rose Sprints/Hurdles Mississauga Olympians
Jalon Rose Sprints/Hurdles Mississauga Olympians
Mark Skerl Sprints/Hurdles Monte Cristo T.C.
Eric Campbell Distance Niagara Olympic Club
Max Davies Distance University of Toronto T.C.
Pau Ilerbaig Distance University of Toronto T.C.
Tawsif Kamal Jumps Etobicoke T.F.C.
Joshua Seepersad Jumps Unattached Ontario
Bennett Woods Jumps Georgian Jumps
Blake Foster Throws Sarnia Athletics
Josh Linington Throws Brantford T.F.C.
Arthur Stanat Throws St. Thomas Legion T.C.
Mark Skerl Combined Events Monte Cristo T.C.
Denis Tzvetkov Combined Events Thorold Elite T.C.
Izzy Goudros Sprints/Hurdles Unattached Ontario
Nicole McKenzie Sprints/Hurdles Boost Athletics
Trinity Miller Sprints/Hurdles The Gazelles
Aysia Maurice Distance 310 Running
Emma Pegg Distance Windsor Legion
Abby Yliphakala Distance Newmarket Huskies
Jillian Catton Jumps Brampton Track Club
Isabelle Hill Jumps University of Toronto T.C.
Jaden Mullings Jumps Hamilton Elite Athletic Team
Jessie Buck Throws South Simcoe Dufferin
Destinee Cowell Throws The Gazelles
Alexa Windle Throws Brantford T.F.C.
Lily Francis Combined Events St. Thomas Legion T.C.
Izzy Goudros Combined Events Unattached Ontario
Adam Exley Sprints/Hurdles Invictus Athletics Club
Myles Misener-Daley Sprints/Hurdles Hamilton Olympic Club
Marcus Renford Sprints/Hurdles Centro Scuola Track Club
Abdullahi Hassan Distance Phoenix Athletics
Foster Malleck Distance Laurel Creek T.F.C.
Nicholas Mota Distance Newmarket Huskies
Tyles Denes Jumps Bolton P.V.
Deandre Fournier Jumps Thorold Elite T.C.
Benayo Olak Jumps Burlington Legion
Ryan Jacklin Throws Saugeen T.F.C.
Brandon Ovington Throws Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Lucas Woodhall Throws Brockville Legion
Blake Devinney Combined Events Niagara Regional Athletics
Caleb Timm Combined Events Laurel Creek T.F.C.
Karlie Moore Sprints/Hurdles Border City A.C.
Makenzy Pierre-Webster Sprints/Hurdles The Gazelles
Anna Witherspoon Sprints/Hurdles The Speed Academy
Tiana LoStracco Distance Speed River T.F.C.
Cameron Ormond Distance Newmarket Huskies
Anna Workman Distance Physi-Kult Kingston
Busola Akinduro Jumps Flying Angels Academy
Hayley Manners Jumps Etobicoke T.F.C.
Alexzandra Throndson Jumps University of Toronto T.C.
Jenna Fleming Throws Unattached Ontario
Kristina Tchoumak Throws Etobicoke T.F.C.
Alexandria Webb Throws Invictus Athletics Club
Emma Hendriksen Combined Events London Western T.F.C.
Mariya Suchoplas Combined Events Unattached Ontario
Eliezer Adjibi Sprints/Hurdles CANI Athletics
Liam Mather Sprints/Hurdles London Legion T.F.C.
Khamal Stewart-Baynes Sprints/Hurdles Strive Athletics Club
Isaiah Frielink Distance South Simcoe Dufferin
Ruach Padhal Distance London Western T.F.C.
Alanzo Ryan Distance University of Toronto T.C.
Sam Hall Jumps University of Toronto T.C.
Nojah Paker Jumps York University T.C.
Gerrard Wallace Jumps Speed River T.F.C.
Cole Belkwell Throws Brantford T.F.C.
Joshua Mather Throws London Western T.F.C.
Dennis Ohene-Adu Throws University of Toronto T.C.
Joshua Mather Combined Events London Western T.F.C.
Austin McLeod Combined Events London Western T.F.C.
Ashlan Best Sprints/Hurdles Speed River T.F.C.
Keira Christie-Galloway Sprints/Hurdles Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Kendra Leger Sprints/Hurdles Speed River T.F.C.
Xahria Santiago Sprints/Hurdles The Speed Academy
Jocelyn Chau Distance University of Toronto T.C.
Aurora Rynda Distance University of Toronto T.C.
Maeliss Trapeau Distance Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Robin Clark Jumps University of Toronto T.C.
Jasmine Scott-Kilgo Jumps Border City A.C.
Mikeisha Welcome Jumps Phoenix Athletics
Rebecca Herman Throws
Grace Tennant Throws SISU Throws Club
Trinity Tutti Throws SISU Throws Club
Katelin Beaudry Combined Events London Western T.F.C.
Aaron Brown Sprints/Hurdles Phoenix Athletics
Jonathan Cabral Sprints/Hurdles Unattached Ontario
Gavin Smellie Sprints/Hurdles Flying Angels Academy
Mohammed Ahmed Distance Niagara Olympic Club
Matt Hughes Distance Unattached Ontario
Brandon McBride Distance Border City A.C.
Justyn Knight Distance University of Toronto T.C.
Shawnacy Barber Jumps Project Athletics T.F.C.
Jared Kerr Jumps Unattached Ontario
Brian Obonna Jumps Brampton T.C.
Evan Karakolis Throws University of Toronto T.C.
Tim Nedow Throws Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Jordan Young Throws SISU Throws Club
Pierce Lepage Combined Events Unattached Ontario
Damian Warner Combined Events Unattached Ontario
Leya Buchanan Sprints/Hurdles The Speed Academy
Crystal Emmanuel Sprints/Hurdles Flying Angels Academy
Noelle Montcalm Sprints/Hurdles University of Windsor A.C.
Andrea Seccafien Distance Monarch Athletics Club
Gabriela Stafford Distance University of Toronto T.C.
Kate Van Buskirk Distance Unattached Ontario
Caroline Ehrhardt Jumps London Western T.F.C.
Dallyssa Huggins Jumps Unattached Ontario
Alysha Newman Jumps Bolton P.V.
Brittany Crew Throws SISU Throws Club
Sultana Frizell Throws Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Jillian Weir Throws Unattached Ontario
Dallyssa Huggins Combined Events Unattached Ontario
Joshua Cassidy Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Zachary Gingras I Be Fast Track Club
Austin Smeenk Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled
Richard Carr Saugeen T.F.C.
Josh Farrell Saugeen T.F.C.
Kevin Strybosch London Western T.F.C.
Keegan Gaunt Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Jessica Lewis Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled
Marissa Papaconstantinou University of Toronto T.C.
Renee Foessel Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled
Tiffany Gaudette Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled
Pamela Lejean Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled


Earl Fee Sprints/Hurdles M85
Chris Lemassif Sprints/Hurdles M50
Chris Warburton Sprints/Hurdles M50
Jim Dyck Distance M50
Geoff Peat Distance M55
Michael Sherar Distance M50
Mihai Ene Jumps M55
Don Ritchie Jumps M55
Zoltan Sara Jumps M40
Juri Daniel Throws M95
Jean-Pierre Mayer Throws M70
Boris Zaitchouk Throws M70
Matthew McDowall Combined Events M35
Stan Seitz Combined Events M70
Marcus Skeete Combined Events M50
Wendy Alexis Sprints/Hurdles W60
Karla Del Grande Sprints/Hurdles W65
Reneta Macherzynska Sprints/Hurdles W60
Courtney Babcock Distance W45
Kris Kozell Distance W65
Lyndsay Tessier Distance W40
Sue Hannon Jumps W60
Michelle Hastick-Cowell Jumps W40
Tracy Viggers Jumps W45
Barb Dabrowski Throws W60
Kristen Dajia Throws W55
Doreen Garner Throws W60
Kim Ethier Combined Events W50

Congratulations to all of these incredible athletes! We’ll see you at the Awards Gala!

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