2020 Indoor Relay Championships – What You Missed

The first Indoor Championship meet of the season took place this weekend, January 11-12, at the Toronto Track and Field Centre. It was a prep event, as well as our provincial relay Championship. The weather didn’t stop our athletes from coming out and competing for the top spot on the podium. 

It was an exciting start to our season. We had 42 relay teams enter the meet, across three different events: 4x200m, 4x400m and 4x800m. There were some exciting races, and some close finishes, and all in all it was a great day. 

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Relay Results w/club scoring: https://athleticsontario.ca/statistics/results/indoor/2020/200111-ao-icsm1-relay.pdf

Prep Meet Results: https://athleticsontario.ca/statistics/results/indoor/2020/200111-ao-icsm1-prep.pdf

The top finishers from the meet are as follows, beginning with our Relay gold medal winning teams: 

Relay Gold Medalists

4x200m Relay

U14 – Eclipse Track and Field Club (Briget McCarney, Temidire Osinuga, Brianna Beauvais, Mckinnley Twyne) – 2:16.01
U16 – Monte Cristo Track Club (Kristina Vincic, Elise Sawyer, Eva Amorim, Amelia Dodds) – 1:50.68
U18 – Laurel Creek T.F.C. (Katie Zavitz, Chanithi Bandaranayake, Mikayla O’Connell, Sofia Bahar) – 1:52.21
U20 –  Mississauga Olympians T.F.A. (Franchery Carrion, Melissa Smith, Priscilla Nyarkoh, Titilayomi Sijuade) – 1:51.19
OPEN – Game Speed International (Alysha Peddie, Jadyn Heath, Cassidy Dass, Jasmine Heath) – 1:50.35 

U14 – Eclipse Track and Field Club (Matthew Chow, Joshua Nicolas, Christian Gairy, Caleb Johnson) – 2:04.40
U16 – United Tamil Sports Club (Sayanthan Arulrajan, Sanjeevan Kanthavel, Karthikan Sangarathas, Ashvin Balaramana) – 2:00.48
U18 – Hamilton Olympic Club (Daniel Reader, Matthias Richards, Travel Campbell, Domenic Barresi) – 1:33.63
U20 – St. Thomas Legion (Bailey Couch, Fox Gray, Dylen Belanger, Michael Roth) – 1:34.44
OPEN – Phoenix Athletics Association (Fabian Hayles, Abdullahi Hassan, Rocharn Wilson, Dushane Farrier) – 1:33.04 

4x400m Relay

U18 – Monte Cristo Track Club (Elise Sawyer, Hailey Reid, Olivia Dodds, Amelia Dodds) – 4:06.88
U20 – Mississauga Olympians T.F.A. (Janay Chapman, Leann Sealy-Hinds, Jasmine Kidd, Trinity Miller) – 4:12.68

U18 – Hamilton Olympic Club (Travis Campbell, Kendry Georges, Roman Campanaro, Daniel Reader) – 3:37.18
U20 – St. Thomas Legion (Bailey Couch, Vincent Moore, Dylen Belanger, Michael Roth) – 3:36.28
OPEN – Phoenix Athletics Association of Ontario (Fabian Hayles, Rocharn Wilson, Matthew Richards, Abdullahi Hassan) – 3:23.93 

4x800m Relay

U14 – Glen Manor Track Club (Claire Horn, Sabrina Milne, Clare Dunn, Stephanie Corr) – 11:31.36
U18 – Saugeen Track and Field Club (Ana Morariu, Abigail Kraayenbrink, Emily Bryce, Claire Rands) – 9:51.38
U20 – Toronto West Athletics (Julia Cameron, Rebecca Wong, Joselyn Rivera-Marcotte, Laura Peters) – 10:28.73 

U14 – Glen Manor Track Club (Cecil Jenkins, Emmett Karim, Jack Peleck, Liam Batchelor) – 11:27.31
U18 – Toronto West Athletics (Roman Mironov, Julian Zamparo, Alexander Megas, Jack Chios) – 8:40.92
U20 – Toronto West Athletics (Jose Catro, Ben Miske, Naveen Sharma, Justin Jelaca) – 8:22.40
OPEN – Kawartha Lakes Lightning (Cole Coupal, Ty Finley, Jack Workman, Andy Hein) – 8:18.76

You can view pictures of the medalists on our Instagram page: www.instagram.com/athleticsont


Following are the results from the prep meet events which took place throughout the weekend. 



*Age groups running combined 

Women Top Finisher:
Shaina Harrison, Flying Angels Academy (7.61s) 

Men Top Finisher:
Bolade Ajomale, Flying Angels Academy (6.78s) 

U16 1200m

Gabriella Ruggeri, Etobicoke T.F.C. (4:01.43) 

Owen Parkes, Burlington T.F.C. (3:36.60) 

Open 1500m

Women Top Finisher:                                                    
Hallee Knelsen, St. Thomas Legion (4:44.89)

Men Top Finisher:
Max Davies, University of Toronto T.C. (4:03.61)

U16 300m

Amelia Dodds, Monte Cristo T.C. (42.79s) 

Gavin Stone, Thorold Elite (39.96s) 

Open 400m

*age groups run combined

Alena Ivanov, London Legion T.C. (59.16s)   

Michael Roth, St. Thomas Legion (51.57s) 


Men’s Weight Throw

U16 – Andrew Deane, Brantford T.F.C. (8.07m)
U18 – Josh Linington, Brantford T.F.C. (19.55m)
U20 – Callan Saldutto, York University T.F.C. (18.75m)

Men’s High Jump

U14 – Sayanthan Arulrajan, United Tamil Sports Club (1.55m)
U16 – Jordan Neheli-Williams, Unattached Ontario (1.60m)
U18 – Michael Ivanov, Niagara Olympic Club (1.85m)
U20 – Caleb Keeling, Saugeen T.F.C. (1.95m)
OPEN – Sean Cate, Unattached Ontario (1.95m) 

Boys Shot Put

U14 – Sayanthan Arulrajan, United Tamil Sports Club (9.19m)
U16 – Liam Larson, London Western T.F.C. (12.48m) 

Men’s Shot Put

U18 – Stephen Davis, Laurel Creek T.F.C. (12.32m)
U20 – Ryan Garrett, London Western T.F.C. (13.41m)
OPEN – Eli Pawliw, SISU Throws (17.79m) 

Girls Long Jump  

U14 – Carylie Rands, Saugeen T.F.C. (4.44m)
U16 – Janae Dawes, Durham Legion (4.84m) 

Women’s Long Jump

U18 – Tayah Desouza, St. Thomas Legion (5.14m)
U20 – Emma Hendriksen, London Western T.F.C. (5.21m) 

Men’s Pole Vault

U16 – Liam Miller, Burlington T.F.C. (3.05m)
U18 – Logan Gensens, London Western T.F.C. (3.20m)
U20 – Owen McDonald, London Western T.F.C. (3.80m)
OPEN – Jeff Hayhoe, Bolton Pole Vault (3.95m) 

Women’s Pole Vault 

U18 – Eve Giancarlo, Unattached Ontario (3.35m)
U20 – Monica Grigore, London Western T.F.C. (3.20m) 



U16 – Joseph McIntyre, Laurel Creek T.F.C. (6:32.75) 


OPEN – Jadyn Keeler, South Simcoe Dufferin (10:32.54) 

OPEN – Rishab Sahai, Eclipse T.F.C. (9:54.51) 



U14 – Sarah Mckie, London Legion (10.98s) 
U16 – Maddie Spadzinski, 310 Running (9.47s)
U18 – Hailey Reid, Monte Cristo Track Club (8.87s)
U20 –  Jade Celestine, Durham Legion (9.42s) 
OPEN – Tia Thevenin, Unattached ON (8.43s)


U14 – Karthikan Sangarathas, United Tamil Sports Club (10.84s)
U16 – Jordan Williams-Neheli, Unattached Ontario (9.22s)
U18 –  Mark Skerl, Monte Cristo Track Club (8.20s)
U20 – Jaheim Ferguson, Durham Legion (8.46s)
OPEN – Oluwasegun Makinde, Ottawa Lions T.F.C. (8.49s)


Women Top Finisher:
Hallee Knelsen, St. Thomas Legion (2:13.34)                                                                                                              

Men Top Finisher:                                                     
Tennessee Tremain, Laurel Creek T.F.C (1:59.42)


Girls Top Finisher:
Talia Goveia, Niagara Olympic Club (22.83s)                                                                          

Boys Top Finisher:
Jelani Ellison, Brampton Track Club (19.36s)


Women Top Finisher:
Jillian Catton, Brampton Track Club (25.42s)                                                            

Men Top Finisher:
Zion Brooks, Unattached Ontario (22.95s)


Women’s Weight Throw 

U16 – Anna Gurney, Brantford T.F.C. (12.69m)
U18 – Alexa Windle, Brantford T.F.C. (15.30m)
U20 – Biniosa Ezukuse, Project Athletics, (14.11m)
OPEN – Holly Taylor, SISU Throws Club (15.52m) 

Women’s High Jump

U12 – Arthana Sangarathas, United Tamil Sports Club (1.25m)
U14 – Reigne Wilson, I Be Fast (1.40m)
U16 – Arienne Birch, Unattached Ontario (1.50m)
U18 – Annika Jozin, Laurel Creek T.F.C. (1.63m)
U20 – Emma Hendriksen, London Western T.F.C. (1.50m)
OPEN – Kathleen Barr, Unattached Ontario (1.50m)

Women’s Shot Put

U12 – Arthana Sangarathas, United Tamil (5.60m)
U14 – Sarah McKie, London Legion (5.44m)
U18 – Liv Sands, London Western T.F.C. (12.18m)
U20 – Binoisa Ezukuse, Project Athletics (11.81m)
OPEN – Sarah Mitton, Sisu Throws Club (17.40m) *New Personal Best

Boys Long Jump

U14 – Sayanthan Arulrajan, United Tamil Sports Club (4.84m)
U16 – Arwin Mathi, United Tamil Sports Club (5.53m)                                                                

Men’s Long Jump

U18 – Mark Skerl, Monte Cristo (6.40m)
U20 – Marcus Renford, Centro Scuola (6.83m)
OPEN – Michael Miglietta, Unattached Ontario (6.33m)

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