2021 Athletics Ontario Awards Gala and All-Ontarians

It’s that time of year again!! Although our annual banquet will look slightly different this year, we’ll be celebrating Athletics Ontario’s member accomplishments over two amazing nights – December 14 and 15.  

Dates: December 14th and 15th 2021

Time: 7 – 9 p.m. 

Tickets: FREE – first-come/first serve | 400-person capacity limit for each night

Registration is NOW OPEN!!


Night 1 will feature the 2021 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and the presentation of the All-Ontario Athletes! 

Register for NIGHT 1 here: https://events.zoom.us/ev/AKY0R_hqaNqzMIGMsoCtINESo8fmfe_D4VxV-LQVVhzDvEz0OIWn0awLgOHPg4WfI0twXnw?lmt=1638374566000

Night 2 will see the presentation of the Athletes of the Year, Official of the Year, Club Champions and the fan-voted Moment of the Year. Plus, we’ll be honouring the athletes who represented Canada at the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and there will be a couple of special presentations. 

Register for NIGHT 2 here: https://events.zoom.us/ev/ALM3FUROkYs7949VFW61ga_rIcN4DF13S6XC6c4zButxgJ0qy9042djZ3q9s5PguzWLqt2M?lmt=1638374628000

Remember, we’re still accepting YOUR nominations for the 2021 FAN FAVOURITE MOMENT OF YEAR to be presented at the Gala! You can nominate your favourite moment from an AO athlete here. The deadline for nominations is set for December 10th, 2021 at the close of business.

In anticipation of our Awards Gala, we’re thrilled to announce the Athletics Ontario 2021 All-Ontarians. Congratulations to all the selected athletes on your achievements! We can’t wait to see what you achieve in 2022!

Cameron Bennett 310 Running
McKenna Gibb 310 Running
Erik Kuchemann Athletics Niagara
Spencer Lewis Beckwith AC
Erika Fiedler Bolton Pole Vault
Alysha Newman Bolton Pole Vault
Isabelle Hill Bolton Pole Vault
Bruce Simpson Bolton Pole Vault
Alex Seagris Border City AC
Brandon McBride Border City AC
Bailey Dell Border City AC
Kelsey Balkwill Border City AC
Oscar Xu Boris Beasts
Kiara Webb Brampton Racers T.F.C.
Khamica Bingham Brampton Track Club
Desmond Fraser Brampton Track Club
Josh Linington Brantford T.F.C.
Makayla Roy Brantford T.F.C.
Rayane Link Brockville Legion
Seth Laming Brockville Legion
Travis Gaffney Brockville Legion
Victoria Ford Brockville Legion
Liam Miller Burlington T.F.C.
Alexander Collins C.A.N.I. Athletics
Bryson Patterson C.A.N.I. Athletics
Eliezer Adjibi C.A.N.I. Athletics
Maresa Cadienhead Champs International Athletics
Anthony Mcmillan Cruisers Sports
Isaiah Christophe Cruisers Sports
Jessica Lewis Cruisers Sports
Nandini Sharma Cruisers Sports
Renee Foessel Cruisers Sports
Tiffany Gaudette Cruisers Sports
Alexia Jones Durham Dragons Athletics
Brayden Macnevin Durham Dragons Athletics
Cameron Anderson Durham Dragons Athletics
Camryn Larkan Durham Dragons Athletics
Dani Allen Durham Dragons Athletics
Bryana Gaynor Durham Dragons Athletics
Alexandria Jackson Durham Dragons Athletics
Savanah Reid Durham Dragons Athletics
Noah Dyke Durham Dragons Athletics
Shadae Thompson Durham Dragons Athletics
Reyne Rodrigues Durham Legion Athletics
Janae Dawes Durham Legion Athletics
Gabriella Ruggeri Etobicoke Huskies-Striders
Almond Small Flying Angels Academy
Arman Shahzadeh Flying Angels Academy
Kenneth West Flying Angels Academy
Nathan Casanova Flying Angels Academy
Olorunfemi Akinduro Flying Angels Academy
Peace Omonzane Flying Angels Academy
Asia Phillips Flying Angels Academy
Nahshon Hall Flying Angels Academy
Mariah Williams Flying Angels Academy
Jahleel Haley Flying Angels Academy
Samuel Amari Flying Angels Academy
Bolade Ajomale Flying Angels Academy
Crystal Emmanuel Flying Angels Academy
Gavin Smellie Flying Angels Academy
Jenna James Golden Eagles Track Club
Zoey Mizzi Golden Eagles Track Club
Victoria Zolaturiuk Hamilton Olympic Club
Andrew Davies Harbour Track
George Quarcoo I Be Fast TC
Owen Konkle I Be Fast TcC
Cole Coupal Kawartha Lakes Lightning
James Crawford Kitchener Waterloo T.F.A.
Emilie Gervais Laurel Creek T.F.C
Jacob Paul Laurel Creek T.F.C
Abbey Yuhasz Laurel Creek T.F.C.
Acadia Tremain Laurel Creek T.F.C.
Ward Hazen Laurel Creek T.F.C.
William Willson London Legion T.F.A
Aiden Coles London Western T.F.C.
Daniela Beckett London Western T.F.C.
Marcel Scheele London Western T.F.C.
Mark Bujnowski London Western T.F.C.
Owen Mcdonald London Western T.F.C.
Stephen Davis London Western T.F.C.
Zachary Mcphee London Western T.F.C.
Jason Tunks London Western T.F.C.
Jenna Tunks London Western T.F.C.
Julia Tunks London Western T.F.C.
Damian Warner London Western T.F.C.
Trinity Shadd-Ceres Maximus Performance
Sasha Gollish Mile2marathon
Jay Brecher Monarch Ac
Andrea Seccafien Monarch Ac
Hailey Reid Monte Cristo Tc
Ryder King Monte Cristo Tc
Olivia Dodds Monte Cristo Tc
Chris Deighan Newmarket Huskies TC
Mohammed Ahmed Niagara Olympic Club
Nicole Beach Niagara Olympic Club
Caitlyn Thompson Oakville Track & Field Athletiques International
Abigail Martin Oakville Track & Field Athletiques International
Shannon Dewar Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Melissa Bishop-Nriagu Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Timothy Nedow Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Lauren Gale Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Adriano Padoin-Castillo Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Amelia Van Brabant Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Bianca Borgella Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Louise Stonham Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Nicholas Pedersen Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Serge Faucher Ottawa Lions T.F.C.
Abby Weening Peak Velocity Athletics
Aaron Brown Phoenix Athletics
Abdullahi Hassan Phoenix Athletics
Cleo Boyd Physi-Kult
Julie-Anne Staehli Physi-Kult
Noah Booth Physi-Kult
Biniosa Ezukuse Project Athletics Track & Field Program
Kyra Constantine Project Athletics Track & Field Program
Natassha McDonald Project Athletics Track & Field Program
Craig Thorne Royal City Ac
Jesse Zesseu Royal City Ac
Philip Osei Royal City Ac
Shyvonne Roxborough Royal City Ac
Blake Foster Sarnia Athletics Southwest T.F.C.
Gabby Jones Sarnia Athletics Southwest T.F.C.
Heather Abadie Saugeen T.F.A.
Benjamin Brewer Saugeen T.F.A.
Billie Martin Saugeen T.F.A.
Keira Snelling Saugeen T.F.A.
Jared Skeath Sisu Throws Club
Kaitlin Brooks Sisu Throws Club
Brittany Crew Sisu Throws Club
Sarah Mitton Sisu Throws Club
Trinity Tutti Sisu Throws Club
Emily Martin South Simcoe Dufferin T.F.C.
Jessie Buck South Simcoe Dufferin T.F.C.
Mariam Abdul-Rashid Speed Academy AC
Andre De Grasse Speed Academy AC
Riana Green Speed Academy AC
Christopher Morales Speed Academy AC
Christy Ihunaegbo St Christy-Ihunaegbo AC
Hallee Knelsen St Thomas Legion T.F.C.
Michael Roth St Thomas Legion T.F.C.
Tayah Desousa St Thomas Legion T.F.C.
Abraham Bender Stratford Sabrecats TC
Kaleb Dingman Stratford Sabrecats TC
Myles Clinton Stratford Sabrecats TC
Nola Ma Stratford Sabrecats TC
Andre Mollet Stratford Sabrecats TC
Logan Klomps Sundown Athletics
Joanne Den Iseger Thames Athletics Club
Ayla Laing Thorold Elite TC
Ava Young Thorold Elite TC
Carson Gauthier Thorold Elite TC
Evan Blake Thorold Elite TC
Kyjiah Slowley Thorold Elite TC
Lucy Young Thorold Elite TC
Phoenix Young-Lazo Thorold Elite TC
Thomas Dallman Thorold Elite TC
Kristen Dajia Throwers Club
Ruth Rezai Throwers Club
Bruce Urch Throwers Club
Liz Chad Toronto Harriers
Abigail Sadler Toronto Olympic T.F.C.
Yordanys Garcia Unattached Ontario
Isabella Goudros Unattached Ontario
Kairy Loucks Unattached Ontario
Mike Ransky Unattached Ontario
Boris Zaitchouk Unattached Ontario
Arienne Birch Unattached Ontario
Ashley Taylor Unattached Ontario
Bennett Woods Unattached Ontario
Dallyssa Huggins Unattached Ontario
Emma Dale Unattached Ontario
Evan Karakolis Unattached Ontario
Jianping Xu Unattached Ontario
Matthew Ing Unattached Ontario
Micaiah Ellis Unattached Ontario
Riley Flemington Unattached Ontario
Rohan Nowbotsing Unattached Ontario
Telvin Tavernier Unattached Ontario
Lenroy Henry Unattached Ontario
Stuart Galloway Unattached Ontario
Zachary Gingras Unattached Ontario
Elizabeth Waywell Unattached Ontario
Bismark Boateng Unattached Ontario
Alicia Brown Unattached Ontario
Lucia Stafford Unattached Ontario
Kate Van Buskirk Unattached Ontario
Justyn Knight Unattached Ontario
Pierce LePage Unattached Ontario
Django Lovett Unattached Ontario
Jillian Weir Unattached Ontario
Madeline Price Unattached Ontario
Brendon Rodney Unattached Ontario
Matthew Hughes Unattached Ontario
Arwin Mathi United Tamil Sports Club
Banuja Kulainthiran United Tamil Sports Club
Birenavan Balaramana United Tamil Sports Club
Hasveena Arulrajan United Tamil Sports Club
Sayanthan Arulrajan United Tamil Sports Club
Kirthiga Gumrathas United Tamil Sports Club
Oviya Suresh United Tamil Sports Club
Emily Cescon University Of Toronto Tc
Gabriela Debues-Stafford University Of Toronto TC
Madeleine Kelly University Of Toronto TC
Marissa Papaconstantinou University Of Toronto TC
Renata Macherzynska University Of Toronto TC
Peter Zowkewych University Of Toronto TC
Emily Omahen University Of Windsor AC
Noelle Montcalm University Of Windsor Athletic Club
Emma Negri University Of Windsor Athletic Club
Karla Del Grande Variety Village AC
Charlotte Bolton Woodstock Legion
Callan Saldutto York Uni T.F.C.
Daniel Gleason York Uni. T.F.C.
Benjamin Shafransky York University Track & Field Club


We are now taking NOMINATIONS for the 2021 Fan Favourite Moment of Year for our 2021 Awards Gala. You can nominate your favourite moment from an AO athlete here. Deadline for nominations is set for December 10th.

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