Introducing the Nyron Higgins Coach Development Fund

Through the Ontario Sport Network, and with the support of the friends and family of beloved coach Nyron Higgins – and Durham Legion Athletics – Athletics Ontario is honoured to announce the Nyron Higgins Coach Development Fund, an annual bursary that will support the development and education of coaches in the sport of Athletics.

We all know that Athletics is one of, if not the, most popular, diverse, and inclusive sports, with its wide range of events that provide participation possibilities for people with different skills, strengths and interests. This popularity and range of events requires the need for qualified coaches to support the athletes. The Nyron Higgins Coach Development Fund will allow recipient coaches to enhance their knowledge and skills – and help coaches ensure that Ontario athletes – who currently represent over 50% of the members on Team Canada Athletics – continue their strong representation at the national level.

The first step is to secure the funding. We encourage all AO members to donate as generously as they can to help reach the goal of $5,000. Big or small, every donation makes a difference, and will be a part of bringing the Nyron Higgins Coach Development Fund to life.