Hall of Fame Nominations

Athletics Ontario wishes to recognize past outstanding achievements and contributions to athletics (track and field, road running, cross country and race walking) in Ontario. These contributions are not limited to athletic achievements, but may also represent dedication in the areas of coaching, officiating, or builders of the sport.

SELECTION CRITERIA: For more information on the Criteria used to select the annual Inductees, please see here: Selection Criteria – Hall of Fame Inductees

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Who is in the Hall of Fame?

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2022 Inductees – Hall of Fame Special Presentation

Carl Georgevski – Builder

Nathan Brannen – Athlete

Scott Russell – Athlete

Marg MacGowan Hendershot – Athlete

2021 Inductees – Hall of Fame Special Presentation

Ken Hall – Builder

Louise Walker – Athlete

Roman Olszewski – Builder

Victor Pickard – Athlete

2020 Inductees

Al Sokol – Builder

Jim Griffin – Builder

Ron Wallingford – Athlete/Builder

Kyle Pettey – Athlete 

Jessica Zelinka – Athlete

2019 Inductees

Brian Armstrong, Athlete

Nicole Forrester, Athlete

Hugh Fraser, Athlete/Builder

Beryl and Harry Kerrison, Builders

Brian Maxwell, Athlete/Builder

Jill Ross, Athlete

2018 Inductees

Earl and Geordie Farrell, Builders

Neil Farrell, Builder

Helen Vasilic, Builder

Syl Apps, Athlete

Borys Chambul, Athlete

Carmen Douma, Athlete

Cornelius Walsh, Athlete

2017 Inductees

George Walters, Builder

Bob Vigars, Builder

Mike Illingworth, Builder

Vital Shank, Builder

Denis Landry, Builder

Phil Edwards, Athlete

Jason Tunks, Athlete

Catherine Bond-Mills, Athlete and Builder

Dana Ellis Buller, Athlete

George Puce, Athlete

Ed Archibald, Athlete

2016 Inductees

Perdita Felicien, Athlete

Ray Lewis, Athlete

Tom Longboat, Athlete

Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, Athlete

Gerard Mach, Coach and Builder

Nancy McCredie, Athlete

Lloyd Percival, Coach and Builder

Kevin Sullivan, Athlete

Betty and David Watson, Officials and Builders

2015 Inductees

Jeff Adams, Athlete

Katie Anderson, Athlete

Dennis Fairall, Builder

Graham Hood, Athlete

Robert (Bob) McFarlane, Athlete

Paula Schnurr, Athlete

Doug Wood, Athlete

George Shepherd, Athlete and Builder

Randy Starkman, Builder

2014 Inductees

Angela Bailey, Athlete

Marita Payne-Wiggins, Athlete

Mark McKoy, Athlete

Ann Peel, Athlete

Silvia Ruegger, Athlete

Jane Haist, Athlete

Yvonne Saunders, Athlete

Rolf Lund, Builder

Enrico Toscano, Builder

Bill Heikkila, Builder

2013 Inductees

Men’s 4x400m Relay Team – 1976, Athletes

  • Leighton Hope
  • Bryan Saunders
  • Ian Seale
  • Don Domansky

Ian Anderson, Builder

Cal Bricker, Athlete

Bob Hancock, Builder

Grant McLaren, Athlete

Arthur Morton, Builder

Larry O’Connor, Athlete

Alex Oakley, Athlete

Glenda Reiser, Athlete

Bruce Simpson, Athlete

2012 Inductees

Don Domansky, Athlete

Dave Bailey, Athlete

Jenny Wingerson, Athlete

Ken Twigg, Builder

Chris Pickard, Builder

Atlee Mahorn, Athlete

Mark Boswell, Athlete

George Gray, Athlete

Peter Manning, Builder

Ken and Elaine Lake, Builders

2011 Inductees

Hal Brown, Athlete and Builder

Viola Myers, Athlete

Nancy Mackay, Athlete

Margaret Lord, Builder

Orlando Martini, Builder

Bruce Kidd, Athlete and Builder

Milt Ottey, Athlete

Charmaine Crooks, Athlete

Andy Higgins, Builder

2010 Inductees

William “Billy” Sherring, Athlete

Alexandrine Gibb, Builder

Captain John Richardson “Cap” Cornelius, Builder

Eva Dawes, Athlete

Elizabeth “Betty” Garner Taylor, Athlete

George J. Arnold, Builder

Abigail “Abby” Hoffman, Athlete and Builder

Cecil Smith, Builder

David Lee Steen, Athlete

Michael C. Smith, Athlete

Men’s 4x100m Relay Team 1995-1997, Athletes

  • Donovan Bailey
  • Carlton Chambers
  • Robert Esmie
  • Glenroy Gilbert

2009 Inductees

George Washington Orton, Athlete

Robert “Bobby” Kerr, Athlete and Builder

George Henry Goulding, Athlete

Ethel Mary Catherwood, Athlete

Women’s Gold Medal 4x100m Relay Team – 1928 Olympics (Athletes)

  • Fanny “Bobbie” Rosenfeld (1st Leg)
  • Ethal May Smith (2nd Leg)
  • Florence Isabel “Jane” Bell (3rd Leg)
  • Myrtle Alice Cook (4th Leg)

John Wilfrid Loaring, Athlete

Melville Marks “Bobby” Robinson, Builder

Fred Foot, Builder

William Frederick “Bill” Crothers, Athlete

Paul Poce, Builder

Jerome Drayton, Athlete

Joseph R. “Joe” Young, Builder

Donovan Bailey, Athlete

A. Brent McFarlane, Builder

Donald Mills, Builder

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