APRIL 28 – Raising the Bar

Cody Solomons began high jumping in grade school. His teachers would leave mats out for him between classes so that he could spend recess breaks practicing. Between the 7th and 8th grades, he improved his personal best by a colossal 30 centimeters. Others quickly recognized his talent and encouraged him to join the London-Western Track and Field Club. There he would train alongside his able-bodied peers. “You may have a disability but you can still be active,” says Cody. This mentality was engrained at a young age and allowed Cody to focus on his ability rather than disability.

He has trained and competed in an integrated environment with able-bodied athletes since his introduction to the sport in grade school. A few years ago Cody was introduced to para-athletics and realized there was a system where he could compete against other athletes like him. He is classified as a T44 athlete (single leg amputee) and has been nationally carded. Cody is coached by Chris Williams and is training for the 100m and 200m track events in addition to high jump. He is most excited for the upcoming National Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Cody’s future in track and field is very bright. He would encourage others to try the sport: “You are not limited by your disability. Join a club and get started!” He stresses the importance of focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t do: “ If I had made excuses and said, I can’t do anything because I have a prosthetic leg, I would never have started this great sport”.