The OHPSI program was designed to support a comprehensive provincial high performance sport system that allows for sustained success of athletes and coaches at the very highest levels of international sport. The goal of the OHPSI program is to identify and support Ontario athletes who are best capable of achieving future international success on senior national teams.

2017-2018 OHPSI Athlete List

Athletics Ontario in collaboration with Athletics Canada and Canadian Sport Institute – Ontario (CSIO) have released the list of supported athletes under OPHSI.

The athletes named to OHPSI for the 2017-2018 year are now available here: 2017-2018 OHPSI Athletes

Athletics Ontario, Athletics Canada, and Canadian Sport Institute – Ontario (CSIO) have released the updated standards to be considered for funding via the Ontario High-Performance Sport Initiative (OPHSI). Through the OHPSI program, CSIO allows AO to provide leadership, coaching support, sport science and sport medicine services, equipment and technology, competition and training camp enhancements, and facility access to create optimal daily training environments for Ontario athletes and coaches.


Athletics Ontario, in partnership with Athletics Canada is pleased to announce the 2017-18 Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative funded athlete list. Awarded athletes have been selected in support of the Athletics Canada NextGen program.

1. Athletes included in the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) program are selected from the posted Athletics Canada NextGen list. This list is compiled annually including athletes who meet the minimum NextGen Standards (see below for standards).


2. Tier 1 athletes are considered those athletes who are 5-6 years from a top-8 performance at a major international competition.
3. Tier 2 athletes are considered those athletes who are 7 years from a top-8 performance at a major international competition.


4. Based on the Athletics Canada NextGen program, the OHPSI program supports International Class athletes NOT in Tier 1 who are between 80 – 90% of the 8 th ranked international performance in their category.
5. Based on the Athletics Canada Nextgen program, the OHPSI program supports National Class athletes who achieved a personal best of at least 75% of the 8 th ranked international performance in their category.
6. Athletes attending full time NJCAA and NCAA programs are NOT eligible for OHPSI funding.
7. The list is renewed annually on October 1 st , and updated April 1 st to ensure athletes are tracking and progressing appropriately. The number of athletes does not change; however, an athlete may be removed (i.e. adherence to program requirements).
8. The OHPSI funded athlete list is compiled through input from Athletics Ontario, and Athletics Canada on an annual basis. The list is reviewed by the Management Committee for approval; there is no application for this program – it is selection based on the Athletics Canada NextGen Program (16 – 24 years of age).
9. For more information on the Athletics Canada NextGen program, please click here.


11.35 100m 10.32
11.74 10.54
23.28 200m 20.85
24.04 21.36
52.75 400m 46.22
54.85 47.84
2:02.64 800m 1:46.90
2:06.64 1:48.23
4:12.60 1500m 3:39.30
4:21.36 3:45.42
15:37.60 5000m 13:34.80
15:39.77 13:50.63
33:10.20 10000m 28:25.90
33:35.313 29:25.24
13.32 100mH/110mH 13.80
14.01 14.31
9:52.50 3000m SC 8:30.0
10:20.31 8:39.21
1:34:50 20 km RW 1:25:20
1:38:21 1:29:04
50km RW 3:48:19
2:34:10 Marathon 2:13:59


6.5 Long Jump 7.71
6.05 7.44
13.72 Triple Jump 16.34
12.72 15.88
1.9 High Jump 2.22
1.78 2.11
4.35 Pole Vault 5.47
4.00 5.15
57.98 Discus 60.55
51.26 55.63
55.55 Javelin 76.30
51.73 69.34
16.86 Shot Put 19.30
15.32 17.33
65.97 Hammer 73.11
57.32 64.32
5738 Heptathlon/Decathlon 7760
5273 6944


Legend – Able Athletes 

Tier 1 5-6 years from podium
Tier 2 7 years from podium

Legend – Para Athletes 

Athletic’s Canada Points System
Para OHPSI Tier 1 Support 800-900 points
Based on AC’s Points Score Tables. OHPSI currently only supports Tier 1 para-athletes

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