Athletics Ontario 20km Road Race Walk Championships

The 2018 Athletics Ontario Road Race Walk Championships took place this past Saturday, October 13, 2018, at Merritt Island Park in Welland, ON. It was a cool day, with a bit of sunshine making an appearance throughout the day.
Senior Men’s 20k Race Walk
It certainly was an exciting day! Long time race winner Jianping Xu was presented with an incredible competitor, American Michael Mannozzi, who won the race and achieved with a time of 1:47.03. He did have Jianping coming in right behind him, with a second place finish time of 1:47.51. In third was Dan O’Brien, with a time of 2:04.02. Congratulations to these incredible athletes!
Senior Women’s 20k Race Walk
On the women’s side, Amanda Schneider took home the gold, with a time of 2:17.52. Earning the silver, just behind her was Nicky Slovitt, with a time of 2:28.58.
A number of other events were included in this event, and you can find the full results from those on our website.

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