Club Championship at lululemon Toronto 10k

Saturday June 15th was an absolutely perfect day for a road race at the lululemon Toronto 10k, the 5th race in our AO/OMA Trillium Running Series. This fast course brought 10,000 runners together, but it was not your average road race. Canada Running Series and lululemon teamed up to create a spectacular event that brought participants and spectators, finish line yoga and meditation, and tasty eats, and Athletics Ontario was at the finish line for the whole show.

Athletics Ontario and Ontario Masters Athletics hosted their first ever Club Championship road race at this event. Using our policy for ranking, clubs required 3 or more participants with Athletics Ontario membership to contribute to the final club championship rank. The lululemon 10k race sold out in just hours this year, but even so, we had multiple Athletics Ontario clubs with 3 or more Athletics Ontario members participating. The overall ranking of the Club Championship event was:

Newmarket Huskies: 34 points
Longboat Roadrunners: 24 points
Toronto West Athletics: 24 points
Muskoka Algonquin Runners: 23 points

Fantastic work to all Athletics Ontario participants on your achievements!

Full Results are available here.

Our overall top 3 female and male athletes on Age Graded percent ranking were:

Liz Schad, Toronto F60-64 (92.3%)
Susan Stone, Toronto F55-59 (99.3%)
Rachel Hannah, Guelph (87.5%)

John Meijer, Toronto M55-59 (81.7%)
Mathieu Gaut, Toronto M20-24 (80.8%)
Andre Boudre, Huntsville M50-54 (78.8%)

Please check out our updated Trillium Running Series Ranking list, available on our website (lululemon 10k to be added shortly).

Next up is the Longboat Toronto Island 5k! Contact Sheryl for a unique PROMO code for the Longboat Toronto Island 5km, who have agreed to extend the early entry to Athletics Ontario Members only.

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