2024 AO Membership Registration Overview

Coach Registration for 2024 is now open!

Click here for the Membership Fees Breakdown.


Note: If you are a Coach, but also a member of a club, you can select the option to “Register through a Club”, otherwise, you will select, “Register as an independent member”

IMPORTANT NOTICE – 2024 Requirements

As introduced at our 2020 Annual General Meeting, we have revised our Membership Policy and it includes new club and coach requirements. All policies are constantly under review by the board and additional changes may arise in the future.


  • Criminal Background Check – an annual requirement for registering as a Coach. See the Options below for submitting your police check.
  • NCCP Safe Sport – This module must be completed and valid. To register for this FREE online module, please visit https://thelocker.coach.ca/onlinelearning#SS (See instructions for registering in your Locker below) 
  • Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Certification – This module must be renewed every 4 years. Register at: https://athletics-canada-al.respectgroupinc.com/ (See instructions for crediting in your Locker below). Cost is $30. Promo codes may be purchased by clubs. Contact [email protected] for details.

You can review the revised Membership Policy, as well as our other policies, on our website.

LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT HEREhttps://athleticsreg.ca/#!/memberships/athletics-ontario-2024-membership to take a peek! You can also renew your membership if you have not done so already!

AthleticsReg Customer Service Support:
Athletics Ontario Club administrators and members may also contact AthleticsReg for questions regarding your account, payments or requirements through the following ways:

Criminal Background Check Information:

Option 1: Purchasing through AthleticsReg

Athletics Ontario is pleased to be able to offer a fast, convenient, and credible online method to request and obtain your police check electronically, at the time of registration, or upon expiration of your previously submitted police check.  The type of police check provided is a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC). The cost is $20 ($23.82 including taxes and transaction fees).

    • In accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), youth records will only be released to federal, provincial or municipal government agencies. Record checks for young persons won’t be conducted for any other purpose. Therefore, annual criminal record checks will not be required for minor coaches (under the age of 18).

NOTE: Upon registering and paying for this service, you will receive a confirmation email with the subject line: “Reminder: Please complete your consent for the background check you purchased” from [email protected]. The background check is performed by Sterling Backcheck. Part of the process includes asking for your consent and some further information about you in order to allow Sterling Backcheck to properly proceed. The consent forms can be completed online and will take just a few minutes of your time. If a member has a police check that is still valid (1 year from the date of completion) in the AthleticsReg system, a new one will not be required until time to do so. When the police check is due to expiry, a reminder email will be automatically sent 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day in advance, with a link to purchase one. A “past due” notice will also be sent when it has expired and a reminder 30 days past due, each advising that the membership is no longer valid and not eligible under Athletics Ontario’s insurance. 

IMPORTANT: this is NOT a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC), which can ONLY be requested directly through a Municipal Police service, or RCMP if in a municipality served by the RCMP.  VSCs are only suggested if working ONE-ON-ONE with a vulnerable person. If you require a VSC, please visit your municipal police service or RCMP.

OPTION 2: Getting and submitting your own to AO

  • Please submit your digital or appropriately scanned police check to [email protected] (via your Club Registrar)
  • Volunteers may be eligible to receive a FREE police check. Please contact your Municipal Police Services or RCMP division.

What Is The Difference Between A Basic, Enhanced And Vulnerable Sector Background Check?

READ HERE: https://support.charityvillage.com/hc/en-us/articles/4415285966861-What-is-the-difference-between-a-Basic-Enhanced-and-Vulnerable-Sector-Background-Check-

NCCP Safe Sport Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you click on this link: https://thelocker.coach.ca/onlinelearning#SS

Scroll down the page until you see the following and complete the following steps:

Select “Sport”, then choose “Athletics” from the dropdown menu, and then click on the “roles” you are involved in, then click on the “Continue” button that appears, once you make your selections.

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Certification – Credit in your Locker!

This module must be renewed every 4 years. Register at https://athletics-canada-al.respectgroupinc.com/

Please follow these instructions to make sure your Locker account is credited when you complete the module.
1.  Log in to your account:
2. Once logged in, click on the “Profile” tab:
3.  Scroll down to bottom of the page and make sure – you have “Allowed” communications to the NCCP + Enter your date of birth Enter your NCCP number
Lastly, click “Save Now”

Rowan’s Law – Concussion Awareness

Additionally required this year is that all members to review the Ontario Ministry’s Rowans Law concussion awareness information and sign off that they have reviewed the mandatory information. The information is available on the Safe Sport page of our website: https://athleticsontario.ca/safe-sport/

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