Coaches Spotlight: Baird Robinson

Baird Robinson is an experienced Teacher-Coach, an AO Level 2 trained Athletics Coach, and is also a Certified Coach in three other sports. He has a wealth of experience and has made a positive impact with his student-athletes over the years at St. Anne’s CSS and with his new AO Club, Sundown Athletics.
Baird worked diligently during the COVID-19 lockdown seeking his Club Coach Certification. As if there was any doubt of Coach Robinson’s knowledge, facing the Athletics Ontario Club Excellence Requirements, Baird registered for his Club Coach Certification. Over two months, his evaluator worked back and forth with Baird to draw out the information that they both knew Baird possessed. The evaluation process pushes all Coaches to demonstrate mastery of Coaching Expectations (Learning Outcomes) through disciplined communication. AO wishes to foster a sense of Life-Long Learning within their Coaches. Upon successful completion of Baird’s Portfolio and Practice Observation video, Baird shared his new sense of value of the Certification process:
“Thanks so much John (AO Coaching Coordinator)! It was a pleasure working with you. I actually got a lot out of the experience which I honestly didn’t think would happen. Take care and I hope to see you at some more meets this summer. All the best, Baird.”
After a transition year like no others, All Ontario Clubs will have to have one Certified Coach for every 30 athletes come January 1, 2021. This framework will protect all those student-athletes and athletes of all ages through “professionalizing Coaching” within the province.
For more information about Coaching Athletics in Ontario, please contact: Saheed Khan at, or visit!

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