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Run Jump Throw Wheel

As the national sport governing body for track and field, including cross-country running and road running, Athletics Canada supports high performance athletics excellence at the world level and provides leadership in developmental athletics.

Run Jump Throw Wheel (RJTW) is a national program developed by Athletics Canada that teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy.  Using track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges lead by instructors specifically trained to teach the fundamentals of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs).

Our goal is to provide a physical activity program that serves as a strong foundation for all sports. Run Jump Throw Wheel assists children in learning to move efficiently so that they grow into adults who are active, productive and healthy citizens.

Any teacher, sport club coach or community recreation leader is capable of delivering the basic Run Jump Throw Wheel program! More information

Athletics Canada Run Jump Throw Wheel Pathway:


Sport Coach

During Sport Coach, coaches are exposed to all the event groups. They will be introduced to proper safety requirements technical progression of events, and seasonal planning. The course is NCCP accredited and aligns with the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines and with the Long Term Athletic Development Model and the principals for Train to Train. Coaches will leave trained in all events.  Each learning module is designed to meet the needs of coaches who are providing direct instruction or event assistance to student-athletes in a junior high and high school track and field program. More information

Athlete’s ages: Grades 9-12 change to ages 12- 16 (males) ; 11-15 (females)

LTAD Stage: Train to Train

Events Covered:

  1. Run (Hurdles/Sprints and Endurance)
  2. Jump (High Jump, Triple Jump, Long Jump)
  3. Throws (Javelin, Discus, Shot-put)

Athletics Canada Sport Coach Pathway:


Club Coach

During Club Coach, coaches select one event group (Jumps, Throws, Endurance or Sprints/Hurdles) to specialize in and are introduced to all facets of that event group. The focus of this course is to prepare the coach to develop an athlete’s skills over a season of 12-24 weeks. The course is NCCP accredited and aligns with the Long Term Athletic Development Model and the principals for Train to Train and Train to Compete. Coaches will leave trained in one event. Seasonal planning is a key skill that is introduced in this course.  It is recommend to complete Sport Coach for people who are new to coaching and those who are working with young athletes in our sport who are working with all disciplines. More information

Athlete’s ages: Grades 6-12 change to ages 12- 16 (males) ; 11-15 (females) to ages 16-18+ (males); 15-17+ (females)

LTAD Stage: Train to Train, Train to compete- should be (Learn to Compete)

Events to Select:

  1. Hurdles/Sprints
  2. Endurance
  3. Jump (High Jump, Triple jump, Long Jump)
  4. Throws (Javelin, Discus, Shot-put)
  5. Para

Athletics Canada Club Coach Pathway:


Performance Coach

The Performance Coach certification is for coaches who are actively coaching year round, 40 or more weeks a year and 5-10 sessions a week. The athletes they are responsible for are competing at the Canada Summer Games level or higher.  The training for this course is event group focused.  The main focus of this course is annual planning, periodization and is an introduction to international competition. More information hyper link like sport and club?

Athlete ages: Girls 16 years and up, Boys 17 years and up

LTAD Stage: Train to compete

Events to Select:

  1. Hurdles/Sprints
  2. Endurance
  3. Jump (High Jump, Triple Jump, Long Jump, Pole Vault)
  4. Throws (Javelin, Discus, Shot-put, Hammer)
  5. Para

Athletics Canada Performance Coach Pathway:


Requirements for Performance Coach

  • Biomechanics and Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Planning Concepts
  • Strength Concepts
    • Current member of Athletics Ontario or other provincial branch or Athletics Ontario
    • Yearly Training Plan
    • You will be required to complete all pre-requisite e-learning modules (4-5 hours) prior to attending the course
    • Club coach (Level 2) Certified or in the process of completion Recovery

Coaches will also need to complete some multi-sport modules through the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC). It is recommended that these courses be done prior to the weekend course. CAO Calendar: http://www.coachesontario.ca/nccp-training/course-calendar/

  • NCCP Managing Conflict (Course Length 5 hours and the online evaluation)
  • Leading Drug Free Sport (4 hours and the online evaluation)
  • Make Ethical Decisions (3.75 hours and the online evaluation)

Prerequisite Work: (Online 4-5 hours)

Athletics Performance Coach Pre-Learning available at:



Advanced Coaching Diploma

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