Codes of Conduct – Officials Highlight


Additional Responsibilities – Officials
11. In addition to section 7 (above), officials have additional responsibilities to:
a) Maintain and update their knowledge of the rules and rule changes
b) Work within the boundaries of their position’s description while supporting the work of
other officials
c) Act as an ambassador of Athletics Ontario by agreeing to enforce and abide by
national and provincial rules and regulations
d) Take ownership of actions and decisions made while officiating
e) Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of all Participants
f) Assist with the development of less-experienced officials
g) Act openly, impartially, professionally, lawfully, and in good faith
h) Be fair, equitable, considerate, independent, honest, and impartial in all dealings with
i) Respect the confidentiality required by issues of a sensitive nature, which may include
ejections, defaults, forfeits, discipline processes, appeals, and specific information or
data about Participants
j) Honour all assignments unless unable to do so by virtue of illness or personal
emergency, and in these cases inform the assignor or Athletics Ontario at the earliest
possible time
k) When writing reports, set out all relevant facts to the best of their knowledge and
l) Dress in proper attire for officiating.


From: N O C HANDBOOK 2015 Policies and Procedures
An official who has accepted the responsibility of a position at an athletics meet shall,
from the time of reporting in until the completion of the schedule, including completion of
all required paper work:
– Conduct the event according to the rules, with the welfare of athletes and officials in
– Work in a spirit of cooperation with other officials and not interfere in any way with
their duties and responsibilities;
– Arrive in good time for the meet and report immediately to the official in charge;
– Be fully prepared to do the job(s) allocated;
– Draw all the necessary equipment for the running of the event and ensure that it is
returned upon completion of the competition;
– Wear the accepted uniform as outlined by NOC (see 8.1.2);
– Refrain from smoking within the arena and/or competition area except in those areas
specially designated;
– Refrain from entering the competition area and/or arena under the influence of
alcohol or drugs;
– Extend the benefit of his/her experience to the less experienced official whenever the
opportunity arises;
– Comment on officiating issues in a constructive manner and at an appropriate time
directly to the official concerned;
– Mentor, when requested, in an objective way and without friendships in mind;
– Act in a manner that will bring credit to the athletics community both on and off the
– Comply with the Athletics Canada Harassment Policy (see Athletics Canada

I would also like to remind you that there is a uniform of all AO officials and you are
expected to comply with this, in the outdoor season

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