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AO Committee Member Search:

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to engage and give back to the sport of Athletics, Athletics Ontario has an exciting opportunity – we are searching for Committee Members for three AO Committees. In particular, Athletics Ontario is searching for interested junior and senior athletes looking to gain relevant volunteer hours and experience in committee participation in sport in the following roles:

Risk Management (Board Committee) (searching for 2 members) – focused on:

  1. Review activities of AO as they relate to safety, legal liability and risk exposures.
  2. Identify those activities and areas, which have the potential to pose significant risks to AO and to conduct risk assessments for these activities and areas.
  3. Make recommendations to AO as required, on associated policies/measures that will assist in avoiding or controlling risks.
  4. Ensure the development (and monitoring) of appropriate safety standards that are in place in regards to the safe practice of the sport through its rules and competition policies.
  5. Monitor risks and the implementation of risk control measures on an ongoing basis.
  6. Make recommendations regarding insurance coverage for AO members and board liability.
  7. Develop and implement guidelines for ensuring and resolving ethical disputes.
  8. Manage AO ethical policies and ensure AO has trained harassment and abuse officers identified to deal with complaints.
  9. Ensure that educational programs related to ethical policies (including harassment and abuse), safety, and risk management are provided to its staff, athletes, coaches, and administrators, volunteers and technical officials.

Competitions Committee (Operation) (searching for 2 members) – focused on:

  1. Responsible for the non- technical aspects of the Bid Application for the hosting of AO Championships
  2. Ensure that consistent operating procedures are adhered to with respect to the meet management
  3. Responsible for regular evaluation of AO Championships
  4. Evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of sanctioned competitions
  5. Provide recommendations to the board, as required, on associated policies or procedures.

Programs and Services Committee (Operation) (searching for 2 members) – specific deliverables and timelines to:

  1. Develop and implement a marketing plan that identifies the needs of its target audience and how to meet those needs with the products, services and programs
  2. Create and implement recruitment and retention programs to increase and maintain membership
  3. Create a plan that will guide the organization in seeking out and securing sustainable funding from an array of outside sources (i.e. potential donors to support the work of the organization)
  4. Recommend measures for the board, as required, on associated policies or procedures that will assist in avoiding or controlling association risks

A summary of the existing AO Committees (Board and Operational) can be found on our website under “Committees” here:

Interested Applicants – please send your application/ resume and expression of interest to:

  1. Submit an expression of interest with your resume to [email protected]
  2. Deadline: Monday February 13, 2017