April 14, 2019


One Hour Race Walks – Sunday April 14th 2019 – Louis Riel Dome, Ottawa

Depending on the entries received, we reserve the right either to “seed” the One Hour races by time, with CSJ and IAAF judging in both, or to combine the two races into one at 1445. The faster athletes competing under IAAF rules will compete at 1445. We also reserve the right to combine the “Quarter Hour” competitors with the “Bytown One Hour” race. We will announce the final sections by noon on Thursday, April 11.

A “One Hour”?

Go as far as you can in exactly One Hour. Time announced at 20, 40, 55, and 59 minutes (at 14 minutes for the Quarter Hour). Your lap counter will give you a marker as you enter your last laps. When the race ends, drop your marker at the point you have reached. This point is measured and added to the number of full laps completed to determine your final distance. Unofficial splits provided for each 400m lap and (new this year) at 5km. Official times at 10km.

Can I go further than One Hour?

If you pass 9600m in One Hour, you may continue to 10000m and get an official time. But it is a One Hour race, so everyone must drop their marker at 60:00.

Contact Roger Burrows for info and to register.

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