June 15 - 16, 2019


This meet will be done in conjunction with the combined events championships and 800 meter night! Details for those meet can be found on their separate entries page.

There are event caps for certain age group events, see the list below. There will be a waiting list once capacity has been reached.

Bantam 80M – Max 24 per gender
Bantam 150M – Max 24 per gender
U16 300 – Max 24 per gender
U14 and U16 1200 – Max 60 both age groups combined
U14 and U16 2000 – Max 60 both age groups combined
U14 and U16 80H – Max 16 per gender
U16 and U18 100H – Max 16 per gender
U16, U18 and U20 110H – Max 16
U14 and U16 200H – Max 16 per gender
U18 400H – Max 16 per gender

Additionally, there are open events for this competition. Please click on the “Get Details” link below for more information on the competition.

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