June 16, 2021


General Information

Ontario will be hosting four high performance competitions aimed to assist athletes looking to gain World Athletics points in lead up to the Olympics. The series of events are as follows:

June 5, 2021 – Ottawa High Performance Weekend
June 12, 2021 – Johnny Loaring Classic
June 16, 2021 – Royal City Inferno Track & Field Festival
June 18, 2021 – Toronto High Performance Twilight

These competitions are tailored for Canadian Olympic bound athletes while extra space will be filled by top ranked athletes that have declared for each respective event. If an athlete would like to be considered for any of the competitions are asked to complete an ATHLETE DECLARATION form.

Royal City Inferno Track & Field Festival

For more information on the Royal City Inferno Track & Field Festival, please contact the meet director, Paul Galas at

Events Offered

Men: 100m, 400m, 800m, 3000m steeplechase (TBD), 400m hurdles, wheelchair racing
Women: 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m steeplechase (TBD), 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles, wheelchair racing

Men: High jump
Women: Triple jump, pole vault

Men: Shot put
Women: Discus, javelin, shot put

Technical Package: to come

Schedule: to come

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