May 18, 2024


Race Offerings: 6.7km, 6hr, 12hr, 24hr, and World Championship Qualifier of 26hrs.

This race is a World Championships Qualifier. We are offering several distances to make our event for everyone. We offer a 6.7km, 6hr, 12hr,24hr, and World Championships Qualifier upon completion of 26laps.

This trail is used in our local high school championships. While it’s flat, it’s technical, close to water, and athletes will really get the full experience of a trail race.

The 6hr, and 12hr are great events to get a taste of what we offer. This event is run continuously. From the sound of the cowbell athletes can see how many laps they can achieve before the end of your time. We don’t count 1/2 laps just completed laps. If we have several athletes who achieve the same amount of laps the athlete who completes that final lap the fastest will be declared the champion.

Our 24hr event is really something special. You need to complete your lap before the end of the 1hr time limit. If unable to, your race is over but you can try again next year. You can’t start before the chime of the cowbell at the top of every hour. Even if you finish your lap in 40minutes, you must wait until the cowbell is chimed at 60 minutes to signal the start of a new lap and new hour. You must wait until the start of a fresh hour before starting up again. Completion of your lap must be done prior to the 60 minute marker not 1:00:01. All those unable to complete their lap in 1:00:00 or get to the start line to start their next lap at the top of the hour will be declared DNF.

Those who survive into the final hour this lap becomes a race and the first to finish is the winner of the event. For those who wish to qualify for the World Championships we will allow for 2 extra laps. This would give you 26 laps or 174.2km. We would do this at no extra charge. You would need to let us know on registration if this is an interest. Note that the 24hour backyard ultra rules will still remain in effect. The athlete who finishes the last lap the fastest will be declared the winner.

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