August 13, 2022

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Race Offerings: 52km, 26km, 4x13km Team Race

We reflected on our race mantras such as “soft & strong” and “effort& ease”, and thought of the enlightened approach to life of the middle path. As we run, we can aim to approach each easy moment without attachment and each difficult moment without aversion. Collectively, one minute might be full of joy, the next will require a focused push forward. The one thing we can be sure of in a trail race is to expect change!

This is our first trail race but we hope the first of many to bring trail racing to our area. Our club has access to chip timing, start and finish areas, as well as help within the community. This is a community event. Our proceeds will go to support trail support and growth at Kawartha Nordic. Other proceeds will go towards helping theMonarch Ultra and helping our club grow and provide valuable funds for future events.

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