August 5, 2023


Race Offerings: Uncapped ultra distance

Welcome to the backyard!

We are so incredibly excited and honoured to welcome you to our signature event, the Persistence Backyard Ultra. Do you have enough persistence to push yourself further than you think is possible? Do you have enough persistence to be theLast One Standing? Find out during the 2nd edition of thePersistence Backyard Ultra, beginning on August 5th, 2023.

As a bonus for any Ontario runners, the backyard will be taking place on the August long weekend, giving you an extra day torun, or recover. That will lead to less of those “why are you walking like that?” conversations when you go back to work.

The Backyard is for all runners. Last year’s event saw a number of runners reach new personal bests, completing their first marathon, ultramarathon, or going further than they ever had.How far can you go? The Persistence Backyard Ultra is an official affiliated race ofLazarus Lake’s Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra. Run far enough, and you will qualify for Big’s Backyard.

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