June 8, 2024


Race Offerings: 1k kids, 5k, 10k, 21k (all on trail)

STAC Trail Race is a fundraiser event to support our STAC youth programs that help kids gain access to programs at no cost to their families. This is hosted by STAC Hamilton, which is a non profit organization creating opportunities and removing barriers for underserved communities in Hamilton. Focused on families facing financial and social barriers such as BIPOC and newcomers youth that don’t have access to sports and educational support.

Our goal is to create a safe space for youth to strive and excel past their social economical challenges and gain opportunities like everyone one else with the skills and abilities sports and a positive community provides.

Your participation in our race is a powerful and meaningful impact.You’re not just running in a race, you’re helping STAC Hamilton create change and build better humans that don’t have the opportunity like most of us.

With our sponsors such as Merrell Canada, Xact Nutrition and more tocome, all racers will feel like champions with a race experience thatwill bring the good vibes and cool prizes!

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