Competitions which are not normally organized by AO clubs, but rather by universities, schools, school boards, Royal Canadian Legion, Minor Track and other groups may apply for Approved status.

Approved status allows results from the meet to be accepted by Athletics Canada for purposes of records, rankings and entry and selection standards. Acceptance of performances, both in Sanctioned and Approved competitions is conditional on the technical rules of competition (i.e., IAAF, or AC or AO variants) having been followed and on the athlete being AO-registered at the time the performance was achieved.

Organizers of Approved competitions accept legal liability (organizers must be insured for the specific event) and are responsible for obtaining their own insurance coverage. Permission to use the facility must have been obtained by the property owner.

An application for Approved status may be made by completing and submitting the application form attached here: Athletics Ontario Competition Approval Kit

The Application form should be received by the AO Office no later than 35 days prior to the opening day of the competition. This will allow the competition to be listed on the AO website Event Calendar 30 days in advance as required by Athletics Canada.

The second major requirement for recognition of performances is provision of results in the format required by Athletics Canada:

« For all [Approved and] Sanctioned meets done in Hy-tek, a full Hy-tek backup and optionally a flat html export of the results must be submitted to [email protected].  Specifications for results must be indicated as event or results comments.   This is applicable for hurdles, steeple and any throwing events.  Please see the attached PDF Athletics_Canada_Results_Submission_Guide) for the process of how to create the Hy-tek backup and flat hmtl file.

  • Results for meets which are not done in hy-tek must use the attached excel template file (Competition_Results_File)
  • Results should be sent in a timely fashion, ideally within a few days of the meet occurrence. That will ensure that rankings are updated with the most recent results.
  • For track events to be accepted into rankings please ensure that the following form is completed. False Start Reporting Form

Approved Road Races (Racewalking)

  • For all Approved races the attached (Road_Results_File) should be completed or results provided in the same format as listed in the road results excel file.  Results provided as web links only without being provided in the attached format may be delayed in being added to the rankings as time will be needed to prepare and input the results.

Note: athletes may still individually be able to have their performances listed by AC but the competitions at which they achieved the performance must be branch-approved or sanctioned and the athlete must provide a link to the meet results.