To be used for Track & Field, Road Walking and Cross Country Competitions

Sanction Kit (Includes Application Form)

  1. In order to be recognized by Athletics Ontario (AO), a competition not conducted under the sanction or authority of any of the following jurisdictions and in which all participants are not covered by an insurance policy carried by same jurisdictions must be sanctioned by AO:
    • Royal Canadian Legion
    • Primary and Secondary Schools
    • Military
    • Universities and Colleges
    • (Ontario) Minor Track Association
    • Athletics Canada
    • International Association of Athletics Federations

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  1. For liability reasons Open events conducted within competitions held under any of the above jurisdictions may not be sanctionable by AO.

Inquiries may be directed to Randolph Fajardo, Technical Manager.

  1. Organizers of all AO-sanctioned competitions and events automatically receive liability insurance.
  1. Athlete participants in AO-sanctioned meets or events must sign a waiver form and turn it in to meet organizers prior to competing. Athletes under the age of 18 years must, in addition, have a parent or legal guardian sign the form. If a Power of Attorney form is on file at AO an authorized person may sign on behalf of the athlete/parent.

Normally, a new waiver form is required for each meet. Athletics Ontario must be named in the waiver as a protected party and the forms must be kept on file for at least 7 years following the competition.

  1. AO meet sanctions are primarily intended for events organized for members of AO or of other branches of AC or IAAF member countries. If meet organizers choose to make their events open to non-members they are required to pay an additional amount to cover insurance premiums. It is recommended that non-AO-registered entrants be charged a higher entry fee to help recoup the sanction/insurance fee.
  1. The granting of sanctions by AO is subject to the meet organizers agreeing to the above conditions and to those in “Conditions of Sanction” below.
  1. Events which are in conflict with AO Championships or other important competitions may be denied sanction for the date requested. Meet organizers whose competitions may conflict with other events on the schedule should apply early to allow AO officials sufficient time to assess possible impacts and offer solutions satisfactory to all involved.
  1. Some competitions not conducted by clubs may apply for Approved Status.  This mostly relates to recognition of results by Athletics Canada.  Please note that Athletics Ontario conflict policy does not apply to AO-approved meets. Also, the meet organizers must have permission to use the competition facility and must have insurance coverage by the overseeing authority (university, board, school, etc.) in order for their competition to be eligible for Approved status.

For further information please see the information and application document attached.

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