Highlights from the 2017 Canadian Track and Field Championships

With the 2017 Canadian Track and Field Championships coming to an end yesterday, we want to congratulate all of the athletes who took part and gave it their all.  You can find a full list of results on Athletics Canada’s website: http://athletics.ca/championnat/ottawa2017/#sthash.PrLrlTTX.dpbs

In the meantime, here are a few highlights from some of our athletes:

Melissa Bishop took home victory in the 800-metre race while a large crowd from her home town of Eganville cheered her on.

On Friday night, Andre De Grasse took the gold in the 100-metre race.  The track was packed to the brim and the crowd went wild when he crossed the finish line.  In addition, he pulled away from the pack to take gold in 19.96 seconds in the 200-metre yesterday, adding yet another medal to his collection.

Securing a spot on the world team for women’s shot put was Brittany Crew, with a throw of 18.32, breaking the meet record.  This was the seventh time this season that she’s thrown the world qualifying standard.

Last but certainly not least, Alysha Newman will head to the IAAF World Championships in England next month after setting a meet record.  She cleared 4.65 metres in the women’s pole vault final, securing her second straight national title.

Along with these exciting stories, there are several other athletes who have met the IAAF World Championship Canadian team standard. These include, but are not limited to: Crystal Emmanuel, Brandon McBride, Mohammed Ahmed, Gabriela Stafford, Shawnacy Barber, and Tim Nedow.

Please join us in congratulating and wishing the best of luck to these, and all other, Canadian athletes, as they will compete in the IAAF World Championships.


Photos courtesy of Athletics Canada.