1936 – 2016

Category: Builder

Year of Induction: 2010




Executive Director of the OTFA for a quarter century. Publisher of Athletics Magazine and numerous National Statistical annuals. Born in 1936, Cecil Smith arrived in Canada in the 1970’s and began his involvement with Ontario as a volunteer coach with the Toronto striders, developing high jumpers like Maggie Woods and Julie White. He also got involved in the administrative side of the sport. Initially he was the Chairman of the Ontario Coaches Association for few years, later he was appointed executive Director of the OTFA – a position he retained until retiring 25 years later. He started Ontario Athletics magazine, the predecessor of Athletics, in 1976, in which is included his regular “Inside Track” column. Cecil developed programmes such as the Ontario Track League. As well he founded the Pan Am Junior Championship, which he brought to Sudbury in 1980. This led to the successful bid for the 1988 World Juniors in Sudbury – at which he served as Technical Director. He was heavily involved in the planning for, and conduct of, the 1993 World Indoor Championships in Toronto. He also helped to revive the Hamilton Indoor Spectator Games, serving as meet director for several years, and it gained IAAF status at one point. Among other accomplishments, Cecil served as a member of the secretariat for the 1976 Olympics (Montreal) and the 1978 Commonwealth Games (Edmonton). As a member of ATFS (Statisticians), he has complied and published numerous annual lists, rankings and handbooks that are, and continue to be, a valuable source of information to many – still important today and essential in the pre-internet days.