Year of Birth: N/A

Category: Builder

Year of Induction: 2010


Official in the OTFA – level 5 Track & Field Referee and Jury of Appeal (National). As do many parents, George got involved in the sport through his son’s Track club (Don Mills in Toronto), his introduction being in the early 1960’s. Initially he was involved in meet directing, administration and team managing before becoming more involved with officiating. His involvement with the Central Ontario association led to being named the AAU treasurer. Officiating and certification was being formalized in the 1960’s, and George was amongst those getting certified at the higher levels (Level 4 initially). Meet directing (like assisting Ken Twigg and John Hudson with the Toronto indoor Games throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s) and officiating went hand-in-hand for many years. Team management was also evident through 1969-72 at the National level, including the 1970 CG and the 1972 Olympics. Administration duties culminated with the CTFA (Treasurer from 1969-72). He also, along with Donald Mills (2009 inductee) and Tom Lord, produced the CTFA rules book to supplement that of the IAAF. He also was involved with developing The Ontario True/False exams for officials. In addition he was a prolific clinician in helping to develop officials for both the OTFA and CTFA. George’s officiating duties included many meets over 30 years, including being Field referee at National Championships ranging from 1967 to 1983. George (along with his wife Nicky, an OTFA official)) received a special achievement award from the government of Ontario in 1975. He was named to the National Officials’ Council Wall of Honour in 1994.