1877 – 1964

Category: Athlete

Year of Induction: 2010




William Sherring competed in 1906 at the Winner of Olympic Marathon (Interim Games) in 2h51. Born and raised in Hamilton (1877-1964), William was (along with others like Jack Caffrey, Tom Longboat and James Duffy) a member of the fraternity that took to Marathoning in the Hamilton area at the beginning of the 20th Century prior to WW1. While the mentioned others won the famed Boston Marathon in these early years (he placed 2nd to Caffrey in 1900) he gained international status winning an Olympic title – at the 1906 Athens “intercalated” Games – in the Marathon. His famous picture – being paced the final stretch of the track by the crown prince of Greece – has helped establish the lore of the marathon that has resounded through the years. A two-time winner of the Around-the-Bay race in those early years, the race was eventually named in his honour, and continues to this day as the longest serving road- race in the country.