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Year of Induction: 2012


It is very difficult to write about Ken and Elaine Lake because everyone in Ontario and Canada knows how much they have done for Track and Field. They started a long time ago, I believe fifty years or more, first as parents (one of the daughters was an athlete for the Burlington Legion) and later on as officials. The ability, knowledge and kindness saw both at the National first and International level after. Ken, passed away this spring, was an International Starter, Throws Referee and Jury of Appeal; Elaine is graded International as Track Referee, Umpire, Starter’s Assistant and Jury of Appeal. In addition, Ken was a National Clinician and Evaluators at NOC (National Officials Council) and represented the Canadian Wheelchair Association in Canada and overseas. Elaine is still a National Clinician and Evaluator and is the only ITO (International Technical Delegate/Technical delegate) for the IPC (International Paralympics Committee).

For their excellent work as volunteers in Track and Field, they have been nominated and received in 1981 and 1993 the “Sportsmen of the Year Award” for the City of Burlington, the NOC Wall of Honour, the 45 Years Pin from the Province of Ontario and NOC and the Ron Foster Award in 1994. In addition, Elaine Lake is the only female Canadian official who has been recognized by the IAAF with the “Female of the Year” Award. Besides participating as officials at several Canadian and Provincial Championships, both travelled to England for the World Wheelchair Games; to Brisbane, Australia, for the Commonwealth Games; to Edmonton for the World Student Games and later to Montreal for the 1976 Olympics. They were in Toronto (1993) for the World IAAF Indoor Championships and in Sudbury (1998) for the World Junior Championships where Elaine was appointed, the first Canadian Woman, Track Referee.

In recent years Elaine and Ken officiated in Edmonton at the World Outdoor Championships, at the Vancouver Commonwealth (1994), at the PAN AM Junior in Windsor, at the World Junior in Charlettown, and finally in Toronto at the 2012 World Athletics Deaf Championships. At the NOC Level, Elaine served as Vice Chair for Human resources for six years, and when she left in 1992, she passed the position on to Ken. Both performances have been excellent and most of their work is still applied today. At the provincial Level, Elaine served as the Ontario Officials’ Council Chair for 1977-78 while Ken covered the same position during 1984-85. In addition, Ken acted as OOC’s Vice Chair, Evaluator and Clinician, and member of the Provincial Test.

As I said at the beginning, it is very difficult to write about Ken and Elaine Lake because there is so much to say about them that it is easy to go overboard. Before I conclude this short bio, I would like to mention that both Elaine and Ken helped the local Burlington Legion Track and Field Club to grow by covering the position of coach, treasurer and president for many years.

Respectfully submitted by Enrico Toscano Past OOC Chair, and AO HOF member.