1884 – 1963

Category: Athlete

Year of Induction: 2013



Cal Bricker won the bronze medal at the 1908 Olympic Games in the Long Jump and finished 4thin the Triple Jump. At the 1912 Olympic Games, he earned the silver medal in the Long Jump and held the Canadian record in the event for 17 years. 

Bricker graduated from the University of Toronto in 1907 with a degree in dentistry. He served in World War I as a dentist and helped organize the 1919 Inter-Allied Games in Paris. He spent most of his later years practicing dentistry in Grenfell. He was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame(1956), the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame(1966), and the University of Toronto Sports Hall of Fame(1996). The Cal D. Bricker Memorial Trophy is given annually to the Canadian athlete recording the single outstanding performance of the year. It was first awarded in 1965.