Year of Birth: 1960

Category: Athlete

Year of Induction: 2014




Marita Payne-Wiggins attended her first Olympic Games in 1984 in Los Angeles, and alongside fellow Hall of Fame inductee, Angela Bailey, she won a silver medal in the women’s 4x100m relay. Marita also won a silver medal in the 4x400m relay. In addition to her Olympic medals, she won silver at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in the 4x100m and gold at the 1986 Games in the 4x400m. Marita also won two silver medals, at the 1983 and 1987 Pan American Games in the 4x400m relay. She additionally competed in the 1988 Olympics. Angela is the co-holder of the Canadian 400m record at 49.91 seconds and individually she holds the Canadian record for the 200m at 22.62 seconds.