Year of Birth: 1982

Category: Athlete

Year of Induction: 2016



With an astonishing performance at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing Priscilla Lopes-Schliep captured the bronze medal in the 100m hurdles. She became the only Canadian female sprint hurdler other than Betty Taylor (1936 80m hurdles) to receive an Olympic medal.

A year later she earned a silver medal in the 2009 IAAF World Championships despite a pre-race mixup which found her anxiously searching for way to the warmup area at Berlin Olympic stadium. The incident cost her valuable warmup time.

Six months on and she once again found herself on the podium at the 2010 World Indoor Championships in Doha taking home the bronze medal.

Lopes-Schliep’s outstanding career was even more impressive because she defied medical experts who diagnosed her with a condition known as Lipodystrophy when she was a child. The disease is characterized by an inability of the body to produce fat and can lead to diabetes and pancreatic disease.

Retiring with personal best times of 12.49 seconds in the 100m hurdles and 7.82 in the 60m hurdles she was truly one of the world’s best athletes during her time.