Year of Birth: 1948

Category: Builder

Year of Induction: 2017


Key Contributions:

For over 40 years Vital Shank has been the leading force behind the Timmins-Porcupine Track and Field Club and also of the North Central Region during the OTFA’s regional period.

Vital operates an athletics club that caters to athletes of all ages and levels of performance.  This means not only the organization of local and regional competitions but also the arrangement of numerous, lengthy and costly trips to southern Ontario and other places where a higher level of competition is available.  Vital and the club coaches under his watchful eye have produced hundreds of Canadian and Ontario Champions. Some of these athletes have gone on to representing Canada internationally.

Vital has always been interested in the level of the sport provincially, having served as the Region’s President for many years as well as sitting as a member of Athletics Ontario’s Technical Committee.

Vital has been a strong supporter and promoter of his own community by successfully lobbying for a high-level athletics facility.  The city was rewarded by being given hosting rights for 3 Royal Canadian Provincial Championships (including one this summer) and an Athletics Ontario Bantam-Midget-Youth Championship meet.